Please, improve Sheridan Drive…


A short take on today’s news:

  • Please sign this petition to improve Sheridan Drive. Minimize accident severity. Improve traffic flow. Make left hand turns easier. Make room for bikes.
  • The Trump shutdown is coming! The Trump shutdown is coming! Either he gets his memorial wall or he shuts down the government. When did we become Mexicans? Our president said Mexico was going to pay for it. Most drugs come through border crossings. Most illegal immigrants overstay visas. Tell me again what this wall is for? Why not spend money on homeless veterans or health care?
  • Jamal Khashoggi’s death was not as important as the United States still being able to sell bombs to Saudi Arabia so innocent people can die in Yemen. They call this making America great.
  • It’s not all bad from our President. He is supporting a criminal justice reform that will give drug offenders a second chance.
  • All we know about the Trump/Mueller investigation is every week, there is more information, and bad people formerly part of the President’s inner circle, keep going to jail. I don’t know if the noose is tightening or it’s just an interminable clusterfuck, but I am beginning to think the latter.
  • Saturday Night Live so offended President Trump that he thinks it should be illegal to be so mean. He was so mad at the portrayal of the world being a better place if he had never been elected he launched a Tweet tantrum.
  • The Speakwrite Google put in our living room sure does make it easier to listen to the Sabres on the radio. It also helps feed our echo chamber with homogeneous views so we feel unchallenged and are less likely to commit thoughtcrime.
  • Gun-related deaths reached a 40-year peak in 2017. Most gun deaths among white males are suicide. Most gun deaths among black males are homicide. If we could just have First Amendment reform we wouldn’t have to read this sort of bad news and we could stop SNL from being mean to our Commander-in-Chief.
  • Boyd Curiosity: Two out of three people struck by lightning survive.
  • Check out this beautiful old house for sale on Crescent in North Buffalo. The comments make it sound as if that neighborhood has been woefully overpriced. Low taxes and walkable but high crime. I particularly enjoyed the purple stilleto and banana peel on the stairs.
  • WNY Weather: 2 (34) today with clouds and a bit of snow. Chillier Tuesday, -1 (30) but sunny. During halftime, I dug up dahlia’s and put them in a bucket filled with some of the soil, leaves, and compost.
  • “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” “Do you hear what I hear” and “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” all have one thing in common. . . . they were written by Jewish songwriters.
  • An area of deepwater seagrass near the Great Barrier Reef is being called a carbon sink that may have a massive impact on stalling climate change.
  • Finally got a tree up. Since when did cut-your-own tree lots start charging $60? We need to grow our own.
  • Eichel is a beast. I wonder if the critics still think he’s only slightly above average. Oh and about this Skinner cat. Oy vey.
  • So my count of Bills’ offensive players worth keeping is increasing. Isaiah McKenzie and Robert Foster are keepers as well. With Zay Jones, that makes 3 receivers to go with Dion Dawkins, Josh Allen and Jason Croom. When do we get to see Ike Boettger?

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