Cider in Bedford Falls…


A Short Take on Today’s News:

–Visited Bedford Falls Saturday. Saw Zuzu, George, Little Janie, 5,000 people running and had some mulled cider. I wanted to see if I could act like a Pixie, order a flaming rum punch and get thrown through Martini’s window Beth wouldn’t let me.

–Visited the Women’s Rights Historical Museum in Seneca Falls. Lots of neat displays. My favorite was the Haudenosaunee exhibit, which illustrated how efficiently the matriarchal Iroquois society lived.

–Roswell Park Cancer Institute, in January, is implementing a radically strict opioid prescription policy. I hope that makes a difference. My late friend John, a dentist, gave up prescribing opioids years ago, preferring instead to recommend 3 ibuprofen, an extra strength Tylenol and a caffeinated beverage.…/roswell-park-to-implement-radical-op…

–As subpoena powers loom when Democrats take over the House, and the Mueller probe each week finds more and more untruths from President Trump’s inner-circle, it is hard to figure out where it all ends. The only thing certain is the Presidency is farcical, a comedic tragedy of liars and thieves with no regard for laws or decency.

–One nice thing about that tragedy of liars and thieves is it gives rise to high level satire, like DeNiro as Robert Mueller visiting Eric Trump at bedtime on SNL.

–This Tweet from Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Somewhere along the line, people in positions of influence decided that Flint water, Bronx air, or poor schools WEREN’T acceptable for their children, but could be accepted for someone else’s. And I will never think that is a reasonable compromise to make so #callmeradical.”

–Beacon Health is opening a mental health clinic inside a Walmart. When Erin Koprevich sent this story to me, I thought it was fake but it checks out. I want to say something pithy about the people of Walmart but I can’t go beyond simply saying some people should never wear yoga pants.…/beacon-mental-health-walmart/

–The FBI did not verify the contents of the Steele Dossier before seeking a FISA warrant! James Comey confirmed it. This confirms the weaponization. Horrors.…/comey-claimed-ignorance-about-warrant…/

–President Trump’s chief of staff, retired general John Kelly, is leaving at the end of the year. How much chaos looms in the preschool classroom when the room mother leaves and the alpha brat loses his voice of reason?

–Then there’s former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, speaking openly about how Russia interfered in our last election and about the character of our Commander-in-Chief. “So often, the president would say ‘here’s what I want to do and here’s how I want to do it’ and I would have to say to him, ‘Mr. President I understand what you want to do but you can’t do it that way. It violates the law,’ ” Tillerson said.…/article/Rex-Tillerson-13448868.php

–P-64, a mountain lion known for adeptly crossing busy highways, has been found dead.

–Boyd Curiposity: It takes 5 times more heat to turn boiling water into steam than it does to bring freezing water to a boil.

–Madison the dog faithfully waited for his family to return to its burned-out home.…/Dog-rescue-Camp-Fire-waiting-at-hom…

–Lindsey Buckingham was fired by Fleetwood Mac because he didn’t want to tour with the band. It still doesn’t make sense to him. “Go your own way” on Rumours was about Buckingham and Nicks breaking up.…/lindsey-buckingham-settles-suit-…/

–WNY Weather: Skies clearing after a gray sunrise, high of 2 (35). Much the same Monday. Not much ugly weather over the next week, just cold.

–Homeless children, in California, have a harder time today breaking free from poverty than they did a generation ago.…/la-me-california-poverty-suburbs-…

–Looking toward next season, how about AJ Green in a Bills uniform? Seems a bit old, but I like some of the other options. Jason Croom needs a chance.…/being-beane-turning-bills-…

–”If the Jets season were a horse you’d shoot it to put it out of its misery.” What a fine lede from the NY Post. The Bills, despite the record, still seem headed in the right direction. record

–The good news: Eichel is scoring and Pilut looks like a keeper. The bad news: The losing streak is halfway to 10.…/

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