It’s Pearl Harbor Day…


A Short Take on Today’s News:

–It’s Pearl Harbor day. May we never forget.

–In the wake of President Trump’s dismissal of a report on climate change, federal environmental regulations continue to be rolled back.

–The Trump Memorial Wall will not be built as a glorious monument of his reign, according to Nancy Pelosi, who is rejecting pleas to exchange citizenship for young dreamers for funding the edifice. How will we remember Richard Nixon if we don’t build a useless wall to memorialize his term as President?

–The Clinton Foundation is crooked! Fox News says so. Lock her up! Lock her up!…/clinton-foundation-whistleblowers…

–Wisconsin protesters are imploring outgoing Gov. Scott Walker to veto legislation passed by sore-loser Republicans. The new laws would weaken the gubernatorial office once he vacates.

–Boyd Curiosity: If they ate parsley, they would not get drunk. So thought the ancient Greeks. They were wrong.

–If you think you might need to murder a critic of your government with a bonesaw, rent a bunch of rooms in President Trump’s hotel, so he will look the other way and make excuses. I don’t know what “emoluments” means. Let me know if you can justify how this is OK or offer a definition or justification. Thanks.…/29603a64-f417-11e8-bc79-68…

–Twice last month, a good guy with a gun was shot and killed by a good guy with a gun because having a gun while black is, apparently, a murderous offense. The bottom line: A good guy with a gun is not a good guy with a gun if he happens to be black. Think of it as an extension of “make America white again.” May EJ Bradford and Jemel Roberson rest in peace. Bigly.…/deaths-of-ej-bradford-jemel-roberson-w…

–Fears the Supreme Court might reverse long-standing precedent that overlooks double jeopardy and sometimes allows people to be prosecuted in a state and federally have proven unfounded. Despite Conservative positions, Justice Kavanaugh decided to leave things alone. Maybe he’s the next David Souter. A Conservative court would have ruled differently. What is this precedent over politics thing? It’s as if the judges have integrity, they aren’t Trump judges or Bush judges, just judges.…/supreme-court-unlikely-to-overturn-dou…

–In the latest do as I say, not as I do, President Trump’s New Jersey golf resorts are alleged to have hired illegal immigrants. Supervisors knew and did not care.

–Rep. elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has pledged to pay her Congressional interns $15 per hour, made it onto Page 1 of Fox again. Interesting how stories reporting on her seem to be supplanting Hillary. This time they wrote about how her popularity is growing with media attacks, even though she is dumb.…/despite-her-gaffes-media-make-oca…

–Studying diets, and cancer and insulin response. High fat, low carb, moderate protein with intermittent fasting makes a huge difference. Jen George Walsh can help you lose weight and be healthy. carb

–WNY Weather: Cold today but mostly snowfree. High of -2 (28). A degree or 2 warmer and snowfree Saturday. I should have put a cab on the snowthrower years ago.

–An Ohio dad, disgusted his daughter was charged with bullying on the bus, made her walk 5 miles to school as punishment as he trailed her in his vehicle. He should have taught her the joy of a bicycle and ridden with her. Pussy.…/ohio-dad-makes-daughter-w…/1644163556

–In 2019, I shall ride my bike more.

–This song made me laugh while lifting weights Wednesday. Get out the way Bitch. (Bitch should always be a proper noun. It seems ludacris.)

–You knew from watching the game that Josh was the best player on the field. Grading the All-22 film, Joe B concludes the offensive line was horrid against the Dolphins. No shock there.…/joe-b-buffalo-bills-all-22-review-we…

–Advanced statistics say record be damned, the Sabres suck. Objects in the mirror may be closer than they seem, but that’s what they were saying about the Knights a year ago.…/buffalo-sabres-real-playoff-thr…/

–Zay Jones has some bounce. After he hits the bottom
he just keeps rising.…/zay-jone…/2218479002/

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