RNC emails hacked, and other items…


A Short Take on Today’s News:

–National Republican Congressional Committee emails were hacked earlier in 2018 and the leadership didn’t find out until contacted by a journalist.


–Our President thinks tariffs are fees paid by foreign companies to sell their products in our country. He does not realize they are fees paid by Walmart shoppers buying products from China and stacking additional debt on their credit cards at Christmas.


–Attorneys General in Maryland and DC filed subpoenas against our President on Tuesday in a continuing effort to enforce the emoluments clause.


–General Michael Flynn provided so much information and was so cooperative with Special Investigator Robert Mueller that Mueller has recommended no prison sentence. I wonder what’s coming in the Trump tweetstorm.


–Migrants, frustrated by the speed of the asylum process, have begun climbing fences and entering our country any way they can, knowing that once they are on US soil, they have Constitutional rights and will be treated with dignity. Some of them hope to slip away undetected and work illegally.


–It wouldn’t surprise you to learn part-time OTB board members get the best health insurance anyone can have at almost no cost, for attending 2 meetings a month, would it?


–Pacific Coast fishermen are suing big oil for its contributions to global warming.


–The White House cover-up of the Jamal Khashoggi murder is looking increasingly heinous. “There’s not a smoking gun,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, “there is a smoking saw.” It would be funny if an enemy of the people had not died.


–In keeping with my new policy, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made Page 1 of the Fox Website again so here’s a link criticizing her. The old white guys are really, really scared. At least it takes some of the hate off Hillary.


–Do I think Cortez can make a difference? Maybe. It comes back to a point Mike Niman made last week. In Cuyahoga County, Ohio, there were Bernie signs on every farm. Then he got trounced in the primary. Then the same farms put Trump signs up. It’s never about what the shit disturber believes. It is about throwing a monkey wrench in the gears. When you hire an inexperienced elected official, you end up with President Trump, or the mess in Michigan where term limits turn out incumbents and governing decisions have instead fallen to mid-level bureaucrats.

–Niman wrote a heinous takedown of President George H.W. Bush. I disagree. Here is his shameless drivel.


–As the White House churns: Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is the target of lawsuits alleging his appointment is invalid and thus so are the actions of his office.


–WNY Weather: Growing cloudy with a high of 2 (35) today. The sunrise this morning had nice pink tones. Spitting and pissing and nastiness Thursday, not quite a storm but no fun nevertheless, high of 2 yet again.

Savannah King lives in a van. For real. It broke down this week. She wrote about it. I love reading about adventuresome musicians who travel. I wonder if Erin Sydney Welsh will write songs about Ireland. This will be the best thing you read all day. It was 2 parts. I combined them.


–Boyd Curiosity: If your family gets a tax return of $700 or so, you can call yourselves average (at least when Boyd wrote that in 1986)

–Afghanistan veterans, traumatized by battle, find peace riding horses in Iowa.


–Ronnie Woods, 74, is excited to tour with the Rolling Stones again. He has 2 ½-year-old twins with his 40-year-old wife.


–Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes are both ex-Bills. I feel bad for Holmes but I’ve seen enough of Benjamin. For that matter, why is Charles Clay still around? The new receiver depth chart: Foster, McKenzie, and McCloud on one side, Jones and Thompson on the other.


–Quebec City got screwed again. For Seattle. Go figure. That’s not fair. Bring back the Nordiques! And hey, only the Jets and Oilers remain from the WHA. Interesting the ABA’s Nuggets, Pacers, Nets, and Spurs are still going in the NBA.


–The Washington football team signed Josh Johnson as a backup quarterback rather than give Colin Kaepernick a shot. Can you say black ball?


–The Sabres lost. Again. It’s a long season.


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