Genco’s short take on today’s news


A short take on today’s news…

–Hey! It’s Small Business Saturday. Take a walk around Clarence Center and spend some money on Main Street

–Took a drive to Lockport with Beth and walked the trails in the Nature Center Friday. Then we headed for the Lockport Outdoor Store for our only Christmas shopping of the day and watched Sabres at Mooney’s Eastern Hills Mall. The Outdoor Store is overstocked to the point of being a fire hazard. Mooney’s appears to be thriving. We sat at the bar, but by the time we left, the table wait was 45 minutes and the arcade was packed as well.

–There are experts agreeing with our President that better management could have reduced the fuel load and minimized damage from the California wildfires.

–After the fire comes the rain and the mudslides and don’t forget the toxic sludge of ash and household chemicals washing into streams.

–Last week I received an angry “aha!” From a commentator who regularly supports Trump when I missed reporting on proposed justice reform. I don’t remember a link and I soon forgot. Here’s a column about how the story was ignored. Maybe Bill George was right.

–And just like that, find a good piece of legislation with bipartisan support and understand Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-Ala.) is not even close to allowing it to come to a vote, because he doesn’t want to alienate the far-right side of his party by passing something that would make life easier for black people.

–Just because there’s smoke does not mean there is collusion, and as the Mueller investigation closes in on a plea deal with yet another Trump confidant, it only means the investigators are still swimming around in a swamp filled with alligators. So what if those close to the campaign knew the Russians were releasing things that would harm Hillary? Who wanted her to win anyway. . . . tick tick tick,

–WNY Weather: 6 (42) today, clear this morning then turning into rain. 8 (48) tomorrow and nicer. Maybe I will get some planting done tomorrow.

–Here’s a story about a Priest doing good, asking his Parishioners to come together and talk about what bothers them.

A Pennsylvania bowhunter killed an 879 pound bear, which may be the largest on record when it is measured.

–So you are ready to shell out $200 a ticket or so for nosebleed Fleetwood Mac tickets in March. Here’s a review that says without Lindsey Buckingham, it’s just not the same. Spend $80 to see Buckingham at the Riviera Theatre Tuesday instead.

–Boyd Curiosity: The most dangerous modern occupation because of so much mechanization, is farming.

–Here’s a better investment than Fleetwood Mac or Lindsey: Go check out Davey O and friends next Thursday at Babeville and support the Food Bank of WNY. Real musicians making a difference not propped up geriatrics juicing out one last farewell tour. Spend $10 to get in, $20 on a couple drinks, $20 on the basket raffle, support a good cause and save the rest of your money. See you there.

—-What a different Sabres team. I love the way for much of the 1st and 3rd Friday, they cycled the puck so tightly I had to scan the TV graphics to see if they were on the power play. Oh my is Dahlin sweet. I am beginning to see something in Tage Thompson.

Here’s the view from Montreal. Maybe it is all those high draft choices paying off for the Sabres. The Sabres drafted 9 of yesterday’s skaters and signed Rodrigues undrafted. The Habs? Only 3.

–Ooh. 1283 is a prime number. That’s cool.

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