Jamie Dimon is being prodded to run for US Senate from New Jersey

As the Republican Party looks to begin rebuilding a brand of Northeastern centrism badly diminished in recent decades, some are prodding JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon to seek the United States Senate seat from New Jersey, scheduled for election in 2020.  That seat is currently held by Cory Booker, though Booker intends to seek the presidency, in which case the seat would be open.

While Republicans like Chris Christie and Christine Todd Whitman have won Governor’s office, Republicans have had more difficulty securing a United States Senate seat from the State.

Others think that Dimon should run in Delaware or Rhoad Island, two small states where Dimon’s considerable personal resources would go far. Dimon’s net worth is above $1.3 billion, according to business industry publications.  They contend that those seats would be easier to win in a retail style of campaigning, and they would be easier to defend when up for reelection.  The Delaware seat is currently held by Chris Coons, and the Rhoad Island seat is held by Jack Reed.

A more narrowly draw set of constituencies would allow Dimon to maneuver with more latitude, particularly if he intends to seek the presidency in 2024 or 2028 as some speculate.  If he ran in New Jersey, he would be necessarily beholden to the pharmaceuticals industry.

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