Social justice activist fundraises for Delaware North’s congressional candidate

Jane Cameron, purportedly a social justice activist, is actively fundraising money for the Congressional candidacy of Nate McMurray, a Vice President at the global hospitality giant based in Buffalo and owned by billionaire Jacobs family, Delaware North.

Cameron is now circulating donation requests in a slew of social justice themed activist groups on Facebook, which is raising eyebrows considering that McMurray can easily leverage his professional network to build a donor base.

Some activists believe that the Jacobs family already has too much ruling influence over Western New York — influence they have generally weilded to protect rather than to grow the region’s economic opportunities (their business interests in Niagara Falls State Park being a case in point).  To give that family another Congressman seems shortsighted, if the objective is to advance social justice priorities in Washington.

McMurray is also the freshman Supervisor of the Town of Grand Island, a town that lives just outside of the district.  He has been the subject of one attack from the local GOP so far, relating to his use of his Town email address to solicit contributions and political support.  McMurray acknowledged that the behavior was naive.

Other announced Democrats include businessman Nick Stankevich and former assistant district attorney Sean Bunny. The seat, currently held by Congressman Chris Collins, is not seen as competitive by national operatives; but in recent months local activists have exerted considerable energy trying to identify a viable candidate.

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