Cuomo is worried about Tim Wu

Political operatives close to Governor Andrew Cuomo say that he is worried this election year, and particularly worried about a lesser known challenger whose background, credentials, and reputation could soundly defeat him on the left.

The potential gubernatorial challenger is Tim Wu, an author, policy advocate, and professor at Columbia Law School.  Wu’s best known work is the development of Net Neutrality theory, but he also writes about private power, free speech, copyright, and antitrust.  His books The Master Switch and The Attention Merchants have won wide recognition and awards.

Wu has worked in academia, federal and state governments.  He worked at the White House for the National Economic Council; at the Federal Trade Commission, for the New York Attorney General’ as a fellow at Google, and for RiverstoneNetworks in the telecommunications industry. He was a law clerk for Judge Richard Posner and Justice Stephen Breyer. He graduated from McGill University (B.Sc.), and Harvard Law School.

Wu is a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times and is a contributing editor at the New Republic.

The Asian American community in New York is eager to have political representation in the state.  The very large and growing community under participates in voting habits, and currently lacks federal or state representation. The community has considerable wealth.  It’s unclear how effectively Wu can mobilize those resources.

Wu was a candidate for Lt. Governor four years ago, but lost to Kathy Hochul.

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