Ricchiazzi cuts ties with Parlato publications

Matthew Ricchiazzi, who retains a controlling interest in The Buffalo Chronicle, is canceling a content sharing agreement with Frank Parlato, Jr. and three of his publications, including Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, the South Buffalo News and the Lackawanna Front Page. The move comes following a ten month period during which the two publishers were thought to have been preparing to merge the platforms, presumably to control operating costs and broaden content offerings.

Ricchiazzi cites divergent political views and brand incoherence between the two platforms, making any potential merger problematic. The publishers’ disparate views on Carl Paladino were at issue. 

Ricchiazzi is likely to endorse Governor Andrew Cuomo for reelection, and views his Buffalo Billion program favorably. 

The Chronicle is more of a mission than a business. Our organizing principle is to revive our city, and that motivates all of the Chronicle’s journalism. There is no amount of money that a business partner could offer to change that,” Ricchiazzi says. “I wish Frank luck in the future, and thank him for his friendship in the past.”

In the immediate term the move will mean a lower content production volume for The Chronicle, and a new editorial direction. In the medium term the publication will focus on adding new content producers.

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