It can’t be as horrific as it seems so far


–It’s only been 13 days, and everywhere I look, I find another story mocking, chiding or criticizing Trump’s decisions. Many of our Conservative or Republican blog followers, like Richard Neidrauer and Richard Meyershave drifted away. Where should I be looking for a more positive view of the infant Presidency? What news source is offering a better take? Can anyone advise? It can’t be as horrific as it seems so far. Send me links, chime in, show me how to be more impartial.

–A Federal Judge appointed during the administration of President George W. Bush, issued a restraining order superseding President Trump’s ban on immigration from 7 deadly countries. Hey, is there a Carlin monologue lurking? No, that was dirty words. Dirty words. Deadly countries. Hakuna Matata.…/federal-judge-temporarily-h…/index.html

–The raid in Yemen, which claimed the life of Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator William Owens, was based on current intelligence, even if a supporting video released by the White House was 8 years old. When do the Democrats start calling for Congressional hearings?…/that-valuable-intel-from-the-yemen-rai…

–The Buffalo Police are overly aggressive, treat black people poorly, and the coverage of the department and Mayor Byron Brown by Lou Michel and the Buffalo News is too soft. So says Aaron Lowinger of the Daily Public.…/0203…/buffalo-news-police-cover

–A Chinese chess grandmaster, upset that tournament organizers paired her repeatedly with other female players, threw her final match in 5 moves. Interesting to note the world’s top 100 chess players are male. How does being male make men better?…/in-just-5-moves-grandmaster-loses-and-…

–Emperor Cuomo’s plan to rape Goat Island, erecting a needless hotel. Is coming under criticism by folks in Niagara Falls who think it is a stupid idea to build a “lodge” on such precious real estate.…/

–We went to 12 Gates Brewery Friday night. It was packed with folks there to enjoy fresh beer and Tom Stahl. It seems crazy. It is amazing that crowd could find its way to a small brewery buried in an office park on the back side of the Buffalo airport. As Stahl sang, “brain, brain go away. Make me thing another day.”…

–“We must keep evil out of our country,” Trump Tweeted. “Why is he wasting his time Tweeting?” Beth asked. “Why are any of us wasting our time Tweeting,” said Ben. A fair question, said the man who spends too much time on the Internet.

–Life in Beaver, Alaska, is tough, even for the hearty. But hey, look on the bright side, a new family moved in in time for the school to have a census of 10 and maintain funding for another year.…/on-alaskas-coldest-days-a-village-dr…/

–Japanese astronomers have found a quiet black hole lurking deep in the Milky Way.…/te…/stray-black-hole-milky-way-1.3965474

–Boyd Curiosity: The old Route 66, westbound from Albuquerque, started out as a camel trail.

–Shady McCoy thinks he’s the best running back in the NFL. His ranking: 1, Shady; 2, Dave Johnson; 3, LeVeon; 4, DeMarco Murray; 5, Ezekial Elliott.…/lesean-mccoy-believes-he-is-nfls-best…

–Retired NBA player Stephen Jackson has opened up about marijuana use, which is apparently rampant in the league.…/ex-nba-swingman-stephen-jackson-r…/

–Justin Falk is grateful for every shift, every opportunity and the little kids at the rink dreaming of the NHL.…/

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