Trump says, ‘you’re fired’


–President Trump rightly fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, an Obama holdover in place pending Jeff Sessions confirmation, because she used her office as a bully pulpit to criticize his immigration order. He was right to fire her. She was right to speak out.…/why-sally-yates-was-fired-i…

–No one should be surprised by President Trump’s actions so far because he hasn’t said or done anything he didn’t promise to do. That is rather the bottom line.…/donald-trump-this-is-still…/index.htmlD

–The Boy Scouts of America has announced it will begin admitting children to its program according to the gender listed on the application rather than a birth certificate. I see a parent violating the spirit of the ruling so their daughter can become an Eagle Scout.…/Boy-Scouts-will-allow-transgender-c…

–Breitbart tries to help us rationalize the islamophobic executive order of President Trump. Ughhh.…/trumps-immigration-pause-sober-…/

–I think I may have found someone Alan Bedenko disdains even more than Chris Collins or Donald Trump, David DiPietro. Check out this demolition job from the Daily Public.…/0131…/dear-assemblyman-dipietro

–Buffalo Rising facilitates a spirited discussion of the Scajaquada Expressway, which the NYS DOT is redesigning with a median and some bike paths. I say leave it as is, restore the speed limit to 40 mph and spend money on better public transportation and bike paths but then, what do I know?…/expressway-planned-for-del…/

–Technology is comings close to being able to bring extinct species back to life. What should be first? I vote for the Xerces butterfly, a small insect with blue wings that once lived in the San Francisco area.…/20170127-how-to-decide-which-extinct-s…

–This is exciting and fun. The Town of Tonawanda inventoried all its trees. For me, living among and appreciating trees has always been a quality of life issue.…/…/webappviewer/index.html…

–Boyd Curiosity: Somewhere in Pennsylvania rests a tombstone enscribed: “Here lies the body of John Blake. Stepped on the gas instead of the brake.”

–Canadians, with nothing to do on a cold winter day other than drink, have invented a new game, Corkicurl. Hey, why not?…/m…/crokicurl-winnipeg-kick-off-1.3956876

–The Shorty Awards, honorable named after Joe and Sally’s 5 sons, have nominated Hunter Pence for his social media presence in the sports category. Please vote for the oh-so-quirky outfielder.

–Digging into the Top College Football Recruits from 2007 with a “Where are They Now Approach.” I think it was Tom Maroney who who showed in 10 minutes of a high school open house how random the destiny of his honor students was. College football recruits are no different.…/…/01/29/following-the-signs/

–Lorenzo Alexander explains how, at 33, coming off a foot injury from which recovery took more than a year, the sixth time is the charm.…/

–If the Sabres win 60% of available points over the remaining games they can make the playoff. Join me in my delusion cheering our boys down the stretch.…/

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