Gleed: Pay attention, this is not a democracy


As of 4:30pm yesterday afternoon, Muslim Green Card holders, that is resident legal aliens from certain countries, were prohibited from reentering the country for 90 days if they happened to be traveling. They were detained at airports and prohibited from returning to their homes.

Do you understand what this means?

It means that if you have lived in New Jersey for 20 years with your family and were traveling for business, you are now not allowed to return home for 90 days. Will you lose your job. Where will you go in the meantime? A hotel?

Or if you are a mother who happened to have gone to your father’s funeral abroad at this unlucky time and tried to return home to your children. You are now not allowed to do so for 90 days.

Please don’t talk to me about how necessary it is to conduct proper vetting. These people are Green Card holders. A green card holder is a legal alien. He or she has essentially the same rights as a citizen, with respect to residency. They have been properly vetted.

These actions against them are 100% illegal. If it can be them today, it can be you and me tomorrow.

Paying attention. This is not a democracy.


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