As Trump scapegoats refugee families…


–Interested in learning more about eating the food that surrounds you? Join Eric Cornell, Euell Gibbons and me from 12-3 today at Ashker’s. Register here. Soon I will give up shaving my armpits. OK, I made up the part about armpits and Euell (he’s dead)

–As President Trump focuses on scapegoating Islamic immigrants, here’s Canada’s immigration page, in case you are interested in moving. You are welcome, as are other hard working people. Henceforth, every time I criticize the President, it will be because of the specific portion of the Constitution he is disregarding. His actions against immigrants controverts the Due Process clause of the 5th Amendment.

–At least the Gropenfuhrer (thanks David Ivancic) is going to get to the bottom of voting fraud. I mean, how could you believe it is a thinly veiled effort to oppress voter rights? Especially after the success of Jill Stein’s recounts, which mostly benefited him. He wouldn’t be coming for the 19th Amendment, would he?

–Meanwhile, that act of hatred against Islamic folks was awash in confusion but is still being enforced. A court recognized the rights of foreign people who were being detained without justification. Habeas Corpus even predates our Constitution. The Department of Homeland Security has announced it will continue to enforce the executive order. No word on whether President Trump will be detaining Islamic folks in camps, but we are a step closer.…

–So I got the new Jetta, but the wheel shakes like a mother when I brake because West Herr tried to resurface the rotors rather than replacing them. It is going back until they make it right or I will buy a different car. I guess that’s the problem with test driving in a snowstorm.

–In Washington, pro-life marchers, seemingly on the same side as President Trump, are not necessarily supporters.…/anti-abortion-rights-but-not-necessari…

–Here’s a novel concept from Scotland, a relaxed grocery checkout for folks who know they are slow. It hasn’t happened in Canada yet, except at every checkout in Newfoundland, where life moves at a relaxed pace and most city speed limits are 30 kmh (that’s 18.6 mph, but why go that fast?)…/grocery-checkout-supermarket-shopping-l…

–A Tiny Desk bolero concert from the band Miramar. Funny how I don’t speak English but the emotion comes through.…/01/25/511656…/miramar-tiny-desk-concert

–I am far from a pizza-making expert and I left my comfort zone and made it indoors, but using semolina flour from Guercio’s sure makes a chewy crust.

–Writing novels and making movies has sustained Greg Lamberson for a long time. He discusses it with Tom Waters in this episode of “Big Words I Know by Heart.”

–Boyd Curiosity: “Against every great and noble endeavour stand a million mediocre minds,” Albert Einstein, (who never imagined Donald Trump.)

–If you thought Slow Roll was fun as a participant, try it as Squad. A great time guaranteed for all.…/1FAIpQLSdQmiYySVmu47H6kU…/viewform

–Author John McPhee is 85 now. He writes nice little sentences. He lives in New Jersey but is cherished in Alaska. The period is my favorite punctuation mark. What is yours?…/writer-john-mcphee-and-the-gift-of-n…/

–An Alaska writer delves into the real-life lessons of Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.”…/as-temperatures-dip-lessons-from-jac…/

–Gee, now I found this fun new diet, the dopamine diet. I like the concept of looking at diet plans until I find one that matches how I eat (I still probably have too much sugar and alcohol.)

–More from the Niagara Falls Reporter on the alleged prosecutorial misdeeds of retired US Attorney and all around thug Anthony Bruce. Is Frank Parlato trying to force a change of jurisdiction or just have the charges against him dismissed before trial?…/

–At first, it looked like bad news — the Dallas Morning News outsourcing page design. Then I saw Gatehouse was the vendor, so the jobs are moving to Austin and benefitting the place where several of my former coworkers landed, like Tim Schmitt. The bad part is how long until they figure out if Gatehouse is cheap, India is cheaper.…/dallas-morning-news-outsource-p…

–Tim Graham chased down Bjorn Nittmo, with his ex-wife and interviewed the disabled NFL kicker.

–Sizing up the ugly of the Sabres rebuild. A 3-way tie for worst trade between Brayden McNabb and choices for Hudson Fasching and Nick DesLauriers, Evander Kane and Bogosian for Stafford, Myers, Armia and more and the waste of a 1st for Lehner.…/sabres-rebuild-the-good-the-bad-…/

–New Bills QB Coach David Culley bailed on a career with Andy Reid because he believes a move to work with Sean McDermott brings him closer to being a head coach.…/kansas-ci…/article129402904.html

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