Meanwhile, in California…


–So journalist/activists were arrested in Washington at the riots, not to be confused with alternative/journalists or working/journalists. You know they don’t all get First Amendment rights.

–Meanwhile in California, Gov. Jerry Brown is moving forward with global warming initiatives and refusing to act as an enforcement arm for the Federal Government. I’ve always considered abortion a State’s Rights issue. Funny how the 10th Amendment, so loved by Conservatives, suddenly applies differently.

–President Trump’s executive orders seem to keep piling up. I don’t know what the count is, but I hear crickets rather than crescendos from the cacophony of critics who seemed concentrated on tearing down Obama at every turn.

–Here’s a fun one. The President has directed regular publication of details of immigrants who commit crimes. What’s next? Brand them with a scarlet A or make them wear a gold star? How did we get to fascism so quickly? I guess the 4th Amendment only provides equal protection to some.

–As President Trump moves to silence critics in his employ, here are some Twitter handles worth following. Thanks Suzanne Taylor. @roguenasa; @actualepafacts; @altforestserv; @badhombrenps; @altUSEPA

–The entire senior staff at the Department of State resigned rather than stick around to work with Rex Tillerson.…/The-State-Department-s-entire-senio…

–Permaculture is, in a way, passive gardening, growing food from a perpetual garden, whether a forest filled with fruit and nut trees or carefully cultivated dandelion patch. Methods of perpetual food production were celebrated by indigenous peoples and are gaining popularity in Western New York through folks like Eric Cornell and Elli Catherine. Here’s hoping for classes and growth and foraging to become more acceptable.…/01242017/spotlight-beforest

–I fell for an promotional e-mail from Penzey’s spices, mostly because of it was inexpensive (8 bottles of around-the-world spices!) and there were fun-sounding spice names like Tsar Dust and Berbour. Besides, I wanted to be on there mailing list. As an added bonus, the receipt was signed “Thank You! Sheniqua!”

–Meanwhile, in Kansas, game wardens killed a family’s pet mule deer because, apparently, they lacked appropriate licensure for there pet. Sorry if this video is offensive.

–Boyd Curiosity: Ben Franklin spent most of his life in Pennsylvania, but no building stands where he liver or worked.

–Snow Roll. Saturday. Buffalo Distilling. Looks like it might actually be a snowy bike ride.
–I get my new wheels today.

–The Sabres’ frantic third period wasn’t enough as they fell to Dallas 4-3. Evander Kane had two goals and an assist.…/buf-vs-dal/…/01/26/2016020738…

–At least one former player, Thomas Davis, expects the Bills defense to be phenomenal under Sean McDermott.…/panthers_thomas_davis_expec…

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