A slippery slope in Waukesha


–President Trump today unveils plans for his wall. I love the way he keeps posing signing executive orders in the Oval Office with his posse of pasty white men. http://www.sfgate.com/…/Trump-to-move-on-border-security-im…

–Here’s a fun story from Buffalo Rising about some brutalistic, unimaginative Class A office space that has added to the oversupply by Uniland. “If you build this, they will come” said no one ever. https://www.buffalorising.com/…/construction-watch-520-ell…/

–This interesting blog was sent by Mark Drogi. It appears credible. Think of the impact on global warming if President Trump’s “get-tough-on-Gyna” policy results in fewer of these behemoths on the open seas. https://judysp.wordpress.com/…/01/21/walmart-container-ship/

–For the first time, a city outside the Great Lakes Basin is planning to draw its water supply from within. Seems kind of a slippery slope for Waukesha, Wis. http://greatlakestoday.org/…/waukesha-full-speed-ahead-draw…

–Turning off the nonflashing lights on a radio tower reduces bird fatalities by 70%. Scientists don’t know why. http://www.npr.org/…/how-to-make-broadcast-towers-more-bird…

–I tried and failed twice to grow mushrooms, but a friend recently pointed this out to me: The Cooperative Extension is a great resource for information. There are even free classes. http://blogs.cornell.edu/mushrooms/factsheets/

–Some time ago, someone gave me a tube of American Crew Shaving Gel. Fugal me used it until it was gone. It gave an OK shave but was kind of slimy and cold. When it was finally gone, I went back to a brush and a bar of Harper Hill Farms shaving soap with kaolin and bentonite. What a superior shave. You can try it if you track down Charleen Bontrager Satkowski. Get some eggs while you are there.

–Boyd Curiosity: Why is the milk at the back of the grocery store if it is the most purchased item? So you have to walk through the whole store to get it and buy other things

–I don’t watch much basketball, but Bol Bol, a 7-foot high school junior and son of Manute, sure is fun. http://deadspin.com/bol-bol-manute-bols-17-year-old-son-is-…

–Nothing says Masshole like a Boston douchenozzle whining the Falcons aren’t a worthy opponent for the Patriots* because Atlanta is hard to hate. Waaaaaaaaa. Sissy. https://www.bostonglobe.com/…/0t7MbsUBBpbzJpVvTZ…/story.html

–The Sabres came from 2 goals down in the 3rd period to win in overtime as Eichel went coast-to-coast, cutting left to right and firing it home from between the circles. Taylor Fedun had an assist, which seems to be a theme. He may be a keeper. That’s 3 OT wins in a row. https://www.nhl.com/gamecent…/buf-vs-nsh/…/01/24/2016020720…

–One day, Rick Jeanerette will be gone. When he is, we will miss calls like these from the Sabres/Canadiens game the other night. http://www.wgr550.com/Re-live-RJ-s-calls-from-Sabr…/22994816


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