If you can’t drive, fly


–Brunei pilots women might not be able to drive in Saudi Arabia, but they can fly. In fact, the first all-female flight crew recently traveled from Brunei to Saudi Arabia. Thanks Jim-Jill Trowbridge…/royal-brunei-airlines-first-…

–As empowering as that story is, a Muslim-American journalist who identifies as liberal published this research on the women’s march on Washington. If it seemed inauthentic that many people coalesced in a grand act of civil disobedience, it may have been. As always, follow the money.…/billionaire-george-soros-has-…/

–Charles Blow from the NY Times opines about Trump and concludes there is a good chance the new president has done something neither Hillary, nor Obama could. Reunited the left. I disagree, but his logic is interesting even if controverted by the demographics of Trump supporters.…/we-are-dissidents-we-are-legio…

–Meanwhile, “Alternative Facts” is an awesome set up for any number of funny lines. I looked out the window at the clouds yesterday and remarked “what a beautiful, sunny day.”…/video/playlists/stories-worth-watching/

–The 10 white men and 1 woman of the British Supreme Court ruled Parliament must vote before the government of Theresa May can move forward with the Brexit.

–Sara Benincasa weighs in on Trump, alternative facts and the cycle of abuse. Some things work in predictable patterns.…/trump-alternative-facts-and-abuse-52b3…

–Boyd Curiosity: Have the New England States ever had an earthquake? Not since the last Ice Age.

–Using pencil and paper to write cursive notes appears to be a rising hipster trend. Most non-working days, I have paper folded in 8ths in my pocket, with a pencil. This blog often grows from it. This is the most affirming trend since I went to that music festival and realized nearly everyone else was wearing Hawaiian shirts with bandanas around their neck, too.…/20170120-why-paper-is-the-real-killer-…

–So you want to be an astronaut? Try living even 48 hours on such a tight, demanding schedule, monitoring all your activity and living on prepacked dehydrated food. Ughhh.…/20170117-how-living-like-an-astronaut-…

–Art Voice had more people pay attention than ever would have otherwise thanks to its choice to publish Carl Paladino’s ill-humor. Tony Farina uses the First Amendment to put it in context.…

–Monster waves pounded Monterey, Calif., setting records at more than 35-feet.…/Monster-waves-pounded-NorCal-coast-…

–Three mountain lion cubs were photographed recently relaxing on a Boulder, Colo. deck.…/once-in-a-lifetime-shot-boulde…/

–Beer pong can be fun and profitable. Check out this insane video.…/calgary-beer-pong-viral-videos-1.3947544

–Only 5 of 30 NHL teams have losing records. I think the whole loser point for regulation ties is annoying.

–The receivers coach credited with a large portion of Tyreek Hill’s success, David Culley, is joining the Bills as quarterbacks coach. Culley has spent his whole career with Andy Reed.…/kansas-ci…/article128354399.html

–Interesting read about the growing parallels between basketball and NFL passing games. It’s the reason Brady* is still excelling. The game has become more cerebral, with presnap reads and quick ball delivery.…

–Interesting to note the Sabres injuries have come to defensemen who shoot left. Hopefully Bylsma has finally realized Zach Bogosian deserves more ice time and will only get better.…/


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