From lemmings to snowflakes


–We can learn from each other. We’ve evolved from lemmings to sheeple to snowflakes to orange slices and participation trophies. Where is the language of identity going next? Before they were sexist, they used to be male chauvinist pigs. I miss Bunker but I’ve only ever been compared to George Jefferson.

–Remember when we were kids, and winter would start by snowing on our Thanksgiving football game and end with 6-inches of snow on Easter? I miss those days. This was supposed to be an El Nina year, with a real, nasty time, no holds barred winter. I don’t know what happened.

–WBEN traffic reporter Allan Harris got his long-awaited kidney transplant. Support UNYTS. Sign the back of your license. Be an organ donor. Give blood. Please.…/22993877

–One thing about President Trump: He inspires some good writing from the opposition. I agree with Bruce Fisher even less often than I agree with Bedenko, but this opinion is spot on.

–Loved the cold open of Saturday night live. Seeing Putey shirtless and pasty white makes me thankful more people like me don’t walk around naked from the waist up. Then again. . .

–Walking in fog to get the paper I heard the unmistakable yipping of coyotes. Amazingly, I caught a glimpse of one. That doesn’t happen. They tease us like loons in the distance, easy to hear, hard to see.

–Emperor Cuomo’s plan for a Metro Rail extension includes tunnel, then surface line with stops near Boulevard Mall as well as the new Whole Foods. I like the idea.…/nfta-amherst-extension-com…/

–I’d like to hear from winnowing snipe or chuckling glaucous-winged gulls or even to see one dusky Canada goose. How about you?…/wild-goose-chase-the-anguish-of-a-bi…/

–Boyd Curiosity: Ben Franklin once proposed swimming the English Channel using a huge kite as an aerial towboat.

–So I added it up when it seemed the woman-inspired discussion was getting lengthy on Sunday. The like, share and comment meter hit 460. Perhaps I need to start wearing a pink hat with pussy ears. Ribbons for everyone.

–El Chappo is incarcerated in New York. No idea if this means he can escape, but most assuredly, efforts are underway to stop it.…/el-chapos-new-home-jail-that-…

–As much as I hate the Patriots* it is nice to see Chris Hogan succeeding. Looking at Bills players who have left in recent years, there are only a few I would like back. Andy Levitre and Ross Cockrell, perhaps. Maybe Kiko.…/former_s_duke_williams_take…

–How is the Sabres defense so thin we are down to Taylor Fedun, Casey Nelson and Justin Falk? They should have kept Guhle. Meanwhile in Rochester, Justin Bailey has goals in 7 straight games.

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