A threatening crescendo


–I read this 1,100-word article from NPR, hoping for clarity, but there was none — the Women’s March in Washington doesn’t appear to be doing more than striking a threatening crescendo, “if you think we are mad now, we could be even madder.” http://www.npr.org/…/demonstrators-gather-early-to-kick-off…

–That brings another question. Can you explain why people are angry? Upset Hillary lost? I get that. But angry? What change can President Trump make that will have greater impact on your life more than taking advantage of the opportunity to gain skills, study and work harder? This is the land of hope and opportunity. Take the initiative. Change for the better. Place blame in the mirror. There is a reason so many people in the world want to come here. Embrace the American Dream.

–Meanwhile, as the dust settles on the executive order that appears to give relief to those hurt by the Affordable Care Act, some realities are worth noticing. For example, the 3 largest insurers long ago stopped participating because the population they gathered from the federal program was too sick to be profitable. https://www.yahoo.com/…/trump-order-paves-way-agencies-weak…

–It is a sad commentary when the Washington Post feels compelled to fact check the Inaugural address. Should I feel worse that Trump had so much questionable they had to do it, or that they were so suspicious they put effort into it? https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/fact-checking-president-…/…

–President Trump’s Minister of Information corrected press reports of a low inauguration turnouts. Obama was historic. Hillary or Donald? Reprehensible, but it’s what the oligarchy gave us — a choice between the dentist and the proctologist. Hillary would have been a toothache. Trump is a pain in the ass. Neither inspired the masses. http://www.foxnews.com/…/spicer-accuses-media-false-reporti…

–What beautiful spring day Saturday. I made a great decision and rode my bike to the gym. Glad I have lights to make me more visible on a foggy morning.

–One of the lamest things I know is that the Erie County Water Authority, that pathetic patronage pit, charges a fee if you pay your bill electronically. This is stupid. Why do I need to use a stamp to pay our water bill?

–Here’s more of the grand tale of entrapment, as indictments against the Chosen Few went nowhere because the main informant was coerced, compensated and, according to this article by Frank Parlato, the worst actor among the bunch. http://artvoice.com/…/bruce-pay-informant-ignasiak-80000-…/…

–Brent Cobb takes to the Tiny Desk Concert to solve all the problems of the world on a Sunday afternoon offering perspective for emotionally troubling times. “We ain’t up to nothin’ just solving all the problems of the world.” http://www.npr.org/…/music/509…/brent-cobb-tiny-desk-concert

–A Northwest Territories SPCA worker gave a treat to a dog and showed it kindness. The animal busted out of its kennel and trekked 5.5 kilometers to her home. Now she’s adopting it. http://www.cbc.ca/…/ted-dog-yellowknife-nwt-spca-finds-abbe…

–Boyd Curiosity: How many Russians did Stalin’s regime execute at it height? About 40,000 monthly in 1937-38. Earlier czars executed an average of 17 per year.

–Robin Lehner showed he might just be up to the task after all, out-dueling Carey Price for a Sabres’ overtime victory. Looking at the behemoth goalies that are in vogue, I wonder if 5’11” 165-pound Dominik would get a shot today. Oh and has anyone seen Matt Moulson? He disappeared again. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/…/zach-bogosian-scores-overtime…

–NFL legend Gil Brandy sizes up QB needy teams and suggest Tyrod stays and Romo to Denver or Houston. http://www.nfl.com/…/ideas-for-the-qbneedy-trubisky-to-brow…

–Take the Falcons and the Patriots*


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