The trees support the bushes


–I searched for meaning as I traveled the 90 for a Rochester meeting. Across from the gravel quarry, just west of Lancaster Speedway, high in a tree, rests a faded blue and red sign “Vote Bush.” The Republic will persevere. It always does.

–I didn’t watch any of the inaugural festivities yesterday. There was an interesting teaser I caught at one point, though. Ben pointed it out. Fox ran a graphic that said “inaugural balls.” “Are they going to inaugurate every part of him?” he asked. Hmmm. Has anyone else noticed President Trump does not wear a wedding ring?

–If you are interested in digging deeply into what Trump said, here’s an annotated version of his speech, as published by the Washington Post.…/donald-trumps-full-inaug…/…

–Want an FHA mortgage for that first home? A proposed cut in the mortgage insurance mandated for those with less than 20% equity has been eliminated. It will cost about $500 a year on your $200,000 loan. Thanks Trump.…/trump-cut-mortgage-insuranc…

–I don’t say it often enough. Thank you for reading, sharing, liking and commenting on my daily short take.

–Another First Day executive order appears to eliminate the individual mandate for health insurance or at least to take the penalty (which I still think is a tax) away.…/which-executive-orders-did-trump-…/

–Wayne Barrett, muck-raking journalist who regularly targeted President Trump, has died, supposedly of pneumonia. Hmmmm. Conspiracy! Sounds like poisoning. It must be the Russians! Whose next? Megyn Kelly?…/me…/wayne-barrett-obituary/index.html

–The Love Canal legacy, in a dump off Nash Road on the NT/Wheatfield border, continues to grow and residents have filed suit against Wheatfield, wondering why their tomatoes glow in the dark (oh darn. I keep making stuff up.)…/suit-pending-on-landfi…/…

–New York’s family leave act is coming, but no one really knows how it will be rolled or how employers are expected to comply. Bob Confer opines.…/ny-already-behind-on-paid-f…

–Perhaps you’ve heard of the corpse flower, Amorphophallus titanum – which translates as “giant misshapen penis”. Several of the nasty smelling gigantic blooms came simultaneously last year. Scientists don’t know understand the timing, but the foetid fragrance sure is fun.…/20170119-lots-of-corpse-flowers-bloome…

–The favored musher in a 300-mile Alaska sled dog race unveiled a floor-length park designed to keep him warm in 24-below temperatures and blizzard-like conditions.…/so-cold-at-kusko-that-9-time-champ-k…/

–Former NY Jet Mark Gastineau is suffering from dementia and Parkinsons as the result of the many years he spent leading with his head.…/2688167-mark-gastineau-says-hes…

–Anders Nilsson is now 6-1-1 at home for the Sabres this season. I’m sure Bylsma still had trouble starting him over the beloved Robin Lehner last night. One way to avoid shootout losses is win in overtime. Oh and Ristolainen played 35:24. That’s crazy. Time to trade Gionta for a draft choice and elevate O’Reilly to captain.…/det-vs-buf/…/01/20/2016020686…

–Easiest way to get a clue on the Bills QB situation is pay attention to who is available and has history working with offensive coordinator Rick Dennison: 1) Jay Cutler 2) Tyrod 3) Matt Schaub 4) TJ Yates 5) Case Keenum.…/jay_cutler_among_5_quarterb…


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