A short take on today’s news


–A deplorable from the Yinzer nation lays out his views on why the adorables need to be a bit more accepting, loving and kind — because it’s largely the Trump supporters, the nurses, mechanics and plumbers, who preserve our wonderful life. http://www.wsj.com/…/the-deplorables-arent-so-bad-once-you-…

–The celebration of sophistry takes place in Washington today. All hail the emperor. He has clothes. I think. It’s ok. Putin will take good care of us. Let’s all sit back and watch the panoply of pretense. I predict Trump goes off script in his inaugural address and refers to himself in the third person at least once. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/…/white-ho…/article127522924.html

–If you dislike Byron Brown as an empty suit who does nothing, consider the plight of Corpus Christi, Tex. where the mercurial mayor just resigned in a hail of Facebook falsehoods. Thanks Tim Schmitthttp://www.caller.com/…/council-members-corpus-ch…/96720020/

David Bellavia of WBEN offers his analysis of Chris Collins and alleged insider training. He doesn’t see Collins as having done something wrong. http://www.wben.com/BELLAVIA-Chris-Collins-Stock-G…/22992324

–Meanwhile, Alan Bedenko takes a scalpel to Bellavia’s view, as could be expected. I don’t often agree with Alan but no one else throws unvarnished opinions out there with the same frequency. http://www.dailypublic.com/…/011920…/mad-money-chris-collins

–The Betsy DeVos hearings drag on. She somehow still wants to be Secretary of Education. There seems to be a consistent theme with outsiders in confirmation hearings. They don’t understand what they are being asked to do. Here’s Bedenko’s take but I didn’t find a better one (see above). http://www.dailypublic.com/arti…/01202017/dilettantes-castle

–Here’s a simple question: What does the Federal Department of Education do? Why is the federal government involved in education?

–Barry Scherrer of Scherrer Heating and Air Conditioning diagnosed where the most likely next leak was in our decommissioned heating loop is. He simplified things. The goal is to complete a repair on that portion of our system before other major home renovations.

–The Winter Blues Bike Crawl is coming February 18. Is there a better way to celebrate Beth’s birthday? (I’m sure she thinks so, but you should go where I do or not.) https://www.facebook.com/events/1328004753934039/

–Boyd Curiosity: It’s not dark, back streets where muggings most often occur but in the open, on main roads, near bus stops.

–The new LA Rams coach, the youngest in NFL history at 30, rides his bicycle to work every day since his DWI. OK, I made up the DWI part. That only happens in North Tonawanda. Fake news. It’s everywhere and sometimes tasteless. http://www.bicycling.com/…/youngest-nfl-head-coach-in-histo…

–The Bills hired former NFL linebacker Rick Dennison as offensive coordinator. He knows a few things about Super Bowls, having been 3 times as a player and 6 times as a coach. That may tilt the needle toward Tyrod staying. http://www.newyorkupstate.com/…/buffalo_bills_hire_rick_den…

–Sabres goalie Robin Lehner has calmed down and attempted to rationalize that night in Toronto. He still isn’t as good as Nilsson and Tim Murray overpaid for him. We don’t know if there were checkerboard floors riding on horseback. (OK, Tragically Hip reference. Sometimes I am random but hey, Strictly Hip Tonight, Fully Completely at the Tralf. Join us.) http://www.wgr550.com/Sabres-Lehner-reflects-on-hi…/22992603

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