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–My friend Mike Bowers made a good point the other day. We are quick to help on the roadside or buy a cup of coffee for the stranger in line behind us at Tim Horton’s, but how many of us know our neighbors? He is right. Too often we go from day-to-day as strangers when our lives could be enriched by those around us. Draw tic-tac-toe around your house. Complete the board this year.

–”We are not stones, trees, rivers or water. We are seeds, what we pass on will grow. Even hitmen must die” Lila Downs lays out Mexican wisdom about the value of life and not judging. The meaning of life is to love and be loved (Joey told me when he was about 8).

–Thomson-Reuters offers a wide-ranging roundup of Trump developments, including the move of press briefings to the old Executive Building, Trump offering a lengthy interview to the Times of London and CIA warnings that your are what you Tweet. Lay off the diet pop. OK, I made up the pop part, but all Tweets matter. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/trump-cia-press-corps-1.3936917

–Saturday Night Live continues to piss on Trump. Urine trouble when they keep feeding him such yellow humor. What’s the big deal? Think about it. Pee party and Tea Party? Sounds the same. He thought Sarah Palin would be there. Almost the same, right Stephen Trask? Why doe Putin never wear a shirt? Because it is funnier that way. http://www.sfgate.com/…/SNL-Golden-Showers-Ruin-Alec-Baldwi…

–Beer is good, but I am beginning to wonder if we are on the cusp of a brewery bubble. All these fine facilities, like the new one at Riverworks, can’t possibly by profitable, can they? The West Shore Brewery that was set for Clarence appears to have been stopped in its tracks. (That’s a railroad reference, work with me.) http://www.dailypublic.com/…/spotlight-buffalo-riverworks-b…

–Talking about home improvement and kitchens. Ben pointed out “mancave” is not considered offensive but there is no feminine equivalent. I went Trumpian — “Pussy Parlor.” Ben when straight out offensive: “Kitchen.” Wow. What a fine world where our President-elect can shape our sexist lexicon. It’s locker room talk. Forgive me. Guys do it.

–I have always loathed zoos and circuses. It seemed unfair and cruel to see cages or whips and have the sense the animals were trained, by the threat of pain, to comply. Bye bye Ringling. We visited Cirque du Soleil in 1987 in Quebec City on our honeymoon. It wasn’t popular yet. We didn’t speak French, but no animals and great music, entertainers and memories. http://www.npr.org/…/after-146-years-ringling-bros-and-barn…

–Great Britain is asking. “How will our economy work without the European Union?” The best example seems to be a comparison with Singapore. Perhaps they will start caning people for chewing gum as well. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-38628428

–Boyd Curiosity: Key West is closer to Havana than it is to Miami.

–Vivid colors and dramatic, abstract images dominate the works of Matthew Palermo which will be featured at an art opening from 6 to 7:30 Saturday, Jan. 28 at Canvas Salon and Gallery at Main and Goodrich in Clarence. https://discovermainstreet.org/…/matthew-palmo-exhibit-ope…/

–I put a $1,000 deposit down on a ‘14 GLI Jetta that met my requirements: 4 doors; standard transmission; premium audio; heated leather seats. Escalating to a new GLI Jetta was not an option because cost was $28,000. (I wouldn’t go there because loans are evil). Subaru felt cheap and lacked comparable sound. Ditto Honda. I wanted doors that closed without that cheap Chevy clang. Power drivers’ seat, low-profile wheels with fancy rims, and 4-wheel disc brakes and new tires came with it. I could still back out but I can’t seem to come close to the same car. Anyone have input before buyers’ remorse solidifies?

–Hey, that meat raffle is still coming on Saturday, Jan. 28. Who wants to go? https://www.facebook.com/events/1253246988072168/

–I need to ride my bike. I almost took it to the Hurt Locker Saturday. Next week, for sure. Winter cycling is like most things outdoor — all about mindset. https://momentummag.com/five-better-ways-to-ride-a-bike-in…/

–Polar bears brawling, just for fun. They even have Canada geese as spectators. http://www.bbc.com/…/story/20170109-male-polar-bears-fight-…

–Aaron Rodgers is incredible, but next week, it will be Falcons over the Packers and Patriots* over Steelers setting up a Super Bowl win for Brady* who apparently has shown no ill effect from being anally raped by a gang of roving, drunken syphilitic dwarves on multiple occasions. No word on how long it has been since he stopped beating his wife. And how the hell do the Cowboys luck into a 4th round QB after finding undrafted Romo?

–I was feeling like it was time to fire Bylsma and then I clicked on this thread on a Sabres message board. Egads. http://forums.sabrespace.com/…/24494-let-the-fire-b…/page-15

–I now recognize the Whaley plan: Bench Tyrod and tell Mike Gillislee to not cover the end zone kickoff. I can hear the thought process: “I could trade a 2nd to move up 7 spots in the draft for the next Sammy or I could bench Tyrod and ask TD Mike to be stupid.” Whaley did what was best for the team. This is the Post Truth world, right?

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