A short take on today’s news


–Carl Paladino lays out his motivations, and his views on how to make life better for the 1 in 2 children living in Buffalo poverty. http://artvoice.com/…/morally-bankrupt-board-education-bu…/…

–When defendants attack: Frank Parlato, under indictment from a US Attorney, lays out the tale of a coerced, lying witness and a failed indictment against members of the Chosen Few. http://artvoice.com/…/bruce-goes-chosen-aplomb-panache-pe…/…

–No one knows for sure, but the stacks of files purporting to show the Trump empire’s divestation plans and displayed at his press conference this week were, most likely, empty and full of blank papers. http://www.sfgate.com/…/Were-folders-of-Trump-s-business-pl…

–The former spy behind the dossier on Trump’s Russian endeavors has gone into hiding after his work has been discredited. It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone in a world where formerly legitimate news organizations run with whatever gets the biggest headlines. http://www.foxnews.com/…/ex-spy-behind-trump-dossier-report…

–The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine released a summary of 10,000 studies on the health effects of marijuana. Rock solid conclusions are sparse but you may become schizophrenic and have a heart attack. http://www.npr.org/…/marijuanas-health-effects-scientists-w…

–A North Bay, Ont. photographer awakened by his 2-year-old looked out the window and saw light pillars –refracted light bouncing off ice crystals in spectacular patterns. http://www.cbc.ca/…/sudbu…/pillar-lights-north-bay-1.3929505

–The scientist who discovered Planet 9 talks to 60 Minutes about Planet 10 and things beyond. http://www.cbsnews.com/…/60-minutes-solar-system-mysteriou…/

–Owls are cool. Here’s 10 reasons why. Largely, the eyes have it. http://www.cbc.ca/…/cana…/10-reasons-why-owls-rule-1.3932814

–Boyd Curiostity: Class rings originated at West Point.
–The Chargers are moving into a soccer stadium in Los Angeles, which does not want them. http://www.latimes.com/…/la-sp-chargers-to-la-plaschke-2017…

–Sal Capaccio analyzes how the Bills defensive line and linebackers fit in a 4-3 defense. http://www.wgr550.com/How-will-the-Bills-front-7-l…/22986115

–Interesting to go online and look for the Tampa Tribune coverage of the Lightning beating the Sabres only to find, 5 pages in, they ran the AP story and don’t have anyone traveling with the team. I guess hockey isn’t big in Florida. http://www.tbo.com/…/bishop-returns-palat-gets–goals-light…


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