A short take on today’s news


Jamie Moses lays out his view of Carl Paladino. 1) Paladino can be an ass. 2) Paladino’s speech is protected by the 1st Amendment. 3) Buffalo Schools have improved significantly since he has been on the school board. Points 2 and 3 trump point 1. For example, graduation rates have increased from 46% to 61%. 9 schools have gone from “failing” to “good”. What did I say last week again. Oh that’s right. “What about the children.” http://artvoice.com/2017/01/05/the-paladino-effect/…

–Paladino’s name has been dropped from a Conservative Party conclave, according to this from Alan Bedenko. Whatever happened to loyalty? Paladino has always been a politically incorrect, outspoken ass. Why does it suddenly matter that he’s not milquetoast? http://www.dailypublic.com/…/nys-conservative-fusion-party-…

–Former Sen. Dan Coats, of Indiana, banned from Russia and an outspoken Putin critic, has been nominated as national intelligence director. http://www.npr.org/…/trump-picks-ex-senator-banned-from-rus…

–Trump stepped in to target Toyota for announcing plans to build cars in Mexico. Unfortunately, the cars in question are. . . made. . . in Canada. Emotion and sentiments count more than facts. This is the post-truth world. http://www.cbc.ca/…/busine…/trump-tweet-toyota-tax-1.3922761

–A teen once profiled as the youngest Sonoma County vineyard manager has been charged with robbing a bank.  http://www.sfgate.com/…/Sonoma-County-s-vineyard-wunderkind…

–Boyd Curiosity: Those wagon trains of the west, how fast did they move? A mile or 2 an hour, perhaps 100 miles in a week.

–Forbes, the Chicago Tribune and others have been duped by a 52 year old comedian they somehow keep reporting as 35. Amazing how easy it is to mislead people. I’m 35 myself. I hear everything healthwise turns to crap after 40.  http://www.thedailybeast.com/…/the-media-s-favorite-millenn…

–Not much is known about the whale shark but more will be learned as a couple marine adventurers traveled far off Cape Cod to tag one in the North Atlantic for the first time, diving with snorkels, not scuba, 100-miles off shore. http://www.capecodtimes.com/…/whale-sharks-draw-attention-o…

–CBC sizes up Jack Eichel, noting he doesn’t see himself as a saviour. http://www.cbc.ca/…/hockey/nhl/jack-eichel-saviour-1.3921472

–Mike Schopp lays out the shortsightedness of the Bills, planning from moment to moment, rather than long term. Fire Whaley. http://www.wgr550.com/Schopp-Have-Bills-looked-ahe…/22979808

–The Sabres squandered a late lead again and lost in overtime. Anders Nilsson should start until further notice. Jake McCabe and Rasmus should be paired like twins. Fire Bylsma. http://www.wkbw.com/…/5-observations-blackhawks-top-sabres-…


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