A short take on today’s news


–I get the feeling the President-elect doesn’t understand the gravity of his job. For example, his treatment of intelligence reports on election hacking is weird and lacks decorum. Unpresidented, even. http://www.cnn.com/…/donald-trump-intelligence-b…/index.html

–Megyn Kelly, long a fixture in the comfortable cocoon of Fox News, has jumped to NBC. It will be interesting to see how far to the right this pushes the Peacock. http://www.nytimes.com/…/media/megyn-kelly-nbc-fox-news.html

–Here comes the battle of Obamacare. Republicans have already set the stage for dismantlement. I hope they understand: Wrecking stuff is easy. It’s putting it back together that is tough. Home improvement works that way too. http://www.npr.org/…/obama-makes-a-last-ditch-effort-for-hi…

–Emperor Cuomo has issued an edict declaring free tuition, not room and board, for all attending state schools who have a family income on $125,000 or less. Paying for it? We’ll worry about that later. http://www.nydailynews.com/…/cuomo-proposes-free-tuition-mi…

–There is music on Main Street this week. Here are the details. Oh and Nashville’s II closed its doors. It seems like a tough place to make go. https://discovermainstreet.org/…/the-first-first-saturday-…/

–A homeless guy in British Columbia is living in a white crate with wheels. Officials don’t know what to do about it. http://www.cbc.ca/…/…/vernon-homeless-crate-coffin-1.3920035

–The outgoing governor of Vermont made 192 marijuana crimes go up in smoke by pardoning the accused as a parting gift as he leaves office. http://www.sfgate.com/…/Vermont-governor-issues-192-pardons…

–I am an avid recycler, composting and dividing our garbage, but this article from Alaska gives real pause: does recycling glass make economic sense? What about paper? I don’t know the answer. https://www.adn.com/…/4-years-in-anchorage-is-still-workin…/

–Alaskan weasel’s are interesting to read about. It sort of reminds me of the pine marten we saw in the Adirondacks over the summer. Check out this beautiful ermine. https://www.adn.com/…/we…/2016/12/24/ermine-in-the-dog-yard/

–Boyd Curiosity: Why do porpoises leap out of the water when they swim? Speed is thought to be the answer. They are faster in the air.

–The Sabres beat the Rangers. Maybe with injuries to Larsson and O’Reilly, the under-used and misused Zemgus Girgensons will begin getting more chances. About darn time. I want to be done with Bylsma. And Nilsson is better than Lehner. http://www.wkbw.com/…/sabres/5-observations-sabres-top-rang…

–In Dallas, they are sizing up Romo’s future. I think he will stay put or retire. His contract is too big to move. http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/…/tony-romo-trade-mean-cowb…

–Chris Simms sizes up all 32 NFL teams and offers regular season grades. The Bills got a C+. http://bleacherreport.com/…/2684029-chris-simms-fina…/page/6

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