A short take on today’s news


–The slimy underbelly of Albany politics shows how people like Tim Kennedy and Catherine Young are paid for by Manhattan real estate investors.…/developers-of-manhattan-luxury…

–The billboard is up, school board voted and the Paladino haters even have a Web site. If Carl refuses to resign, it’s all for naught. Also please understand, before long he will say something stupid again, Alan Bedenko and compadres will report about it and the whole cycle will repeat itself.

–Speaking of cycles repeating themselves, President-elect Trump says he has proof. An adviser says it’s not the truth. This whole Presidency may feel like an unending campaign cycle.…/digital-fingerprints-russia…/index.html

–A high school biology teacher, on a leave of absence from teaching, spent the year living out of his Subaru in Wal Mart parking lots and birding, tallying a new record of 752 species and piling 60,000 miles on his car. He broke the Audubon Society record by spotting the puffin-like dovekie. The illusive yellow billed loon never showed up.…/20170102/big-year-for-this-bi…

–There is a 5-minute gap today between sessions of Congress. President Obama could seize the moment to appoint Merrick Garland or Hap Klein to the Supreme Court, but eventually, either would have to face confirmation.…/last-chance-for-obama-to-sneak-in-…

–Boyd Curiosity: Which state has lost the largest portion of its young men at war? West Virginia.

–A replica of the French Lacaux Caves has opened, giving access to famous cave paintings scientists still don’t fully understand.…/next-to-the-original-france-replicates…

–In Toronto, where you need permission to cut down a tree, a woman is mewling over the monstrous black walnut, worried falling nut might hurt small children and complaining toxins in the roots poison the soil.…/black-walnuts-killer-trees-or-vital-par…

–Vehicle-to-vehicle communications, in-road, magnetic resonance charging and a ban on diesel cars in big cities. Those are just a few of the sci-fi like advances on the way in coming years.…/20161228-six-bright-ideas-that-are-cha…

–Terry Pegula finally came forth and spoke to the Associated Press about his football team and his reason for firing Rex Ryan. I think his treatment of GM Doug Whaley is pathetic.…/apnewsbreak-bills-owner-outlines-reas…

–Have I said BRING BACK TYROD lately?…/frustrated-taylor-on-losing-starting-job…/

–Gale Gilbert’s son Garrett is getting a shot with the Raiders practice squad.…/Agent-Raiders-have-signed-QB-Gilber…


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