Nevergold to Paladino: “You’re fired”

Dr. Barbara Seals-Nevergold, the school board president, is being floated as a candidate for State Senate following a special meeting convened to discuss controversial remarks made by Carl Paladino in Artvoice last week. The developer has since apologized for the remarks.

A motion calling on State Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia — a member of prominent Niagara Falls family who once taught at Sweet Home High School — to remove Paladino from office.

A protest rally held earlier in the morning was organized by the Buffalo Teachers Federation and the New York State United Teachers, the Albany-based political arm of the state’s teachers unions. Paladino’s arch rivals — BTF President Phil Rumore and NYSUT Regional President Mike Deely — were in prominently in attendance.

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  1. Congratulations on this victory for all!

    Thanks to Buffalo BOE Board Members who support this historic and appropriate action.Such clarity and strength is a testament to the City’s wholeness and bodes well for the future of children within their district.

    Confused by Board Member Pierce who claims that she wants to address the social ills children face, yet declined to request resignation? Wouldn’t a fully documented, horrifically racist, statement from a school board member qualify as a “social ill” ?

    From her bio:

    Of her district constituents, Pierce says, “I have had the opportunity to deal with families and children in the home and in crisis, and I believe that much of the problem that is facing our education system today revolves around what is going on in those homes. We need to address the social ills that many children must face on a daily basis.”

    Would love for her to make a statement that clarifies her separation from the unacceptable commentary that this resignation centers around.

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