A short take on today’s news


–”Do a good turn daily” so is the simplest requirement of Boy Scouts. Check out this heartwarming story about a Gasport Cub Pack bringing Christmas gifts to a family saddened by loss. Merry Christmas, Bob Confer.…/community-gives-back-to-lockport-family-…/

–I don’t feel good about his Artvoice answers, but reading the apoplectic reaction to Carl Paladino’s refusal to apologize is entertaining. It seems everyone involved takes themselves entirely too seriously. As for Artvoice? No publicity is bad publicity. I suspect no lasting impact beyond an even higher bully pulpit for Paladino, no matter how much Geoff Kelly and Alan Bedenko mewl.…/paladino-media-comments-artvoice-no…/…

–And, finally, no sooner did I type “higher bully pulpit” thank I found this unedited WKBW interview with Paladino. He actually makes several good points in addition to being an ass.…/paladino-under-fire-for-artvoice-arti…

–President Jimmy Carter will attend the inauguration. Neither of the Bushes, nor Clinton, has RSVP’d. Grover Cleveland will be there as well.…/trump-inauguration-presidents-232…

–We aren’t used to it. President-elect Trump, protocols be damned, has been taking phone calls from Israeli leaders and influencing UN policy even before taking office. When are those Merrick Garland hearings anyway, Scott Snyder.…/trump-obama-israel-se…/511637/

–Attorney General Loretta Lynch could have asked FBI Director James Comey to not release the letter to Congress about additional Clinton e-mails, shortly before the election. She did not. Draw your own conclusions.…/7824d00a-c5fd-11e6-85b5-76…

–Finally had a chance to listen to WTF Pod with Derek Trucks. The highlight for me: on tour with the Allman Brothers, at the urging of a roadie, Trucks and mates cut loose on Mountain Jam. Gregg Allman came on the bus after and ripped them a new one. Then he disappeared to the back of the bus, only to reappear shortly thereafter and apologize. Trucks thinks it was Gregg talking to his brother Duane, who set him straight. There was a time in Florida when Kenny Wayne Shepard, Joe Bonamasa and Trucks were all pre-teen prodigies.…/paladinos-racist-hateful-total…

–General Tso’s chicken came from Taiwan, not China, and gained popularity in the US in part because Henry Kissinger loved it.…/the-general-behind-general-t…

–Ever heard of the British tradition of bread sauce served at Christmas dinner. Stale crumbs, milk, onions, spices. I won’t know it because I haven’t tried it but ewwww.…/eat-ye-bread-sauce-while-ye-may-brits-…

–Wow, look how poorly Pablo Picasso aged. Self-portraits at 18, 25 and 90.

–A photographer discovered a simple phrase makes American woman. The he did so again, after saying “you are so beautful.” Reminds me of Milton Rogovin.…/20161206-heres-how-women-of-different-…

–Boyd Curiosity: In the lingo of England, a performer does well, not poorly, if she “bombs.”

–Offensive linemen are hard to judge. For example, who but diehard Bills fans would entertain the idea right guard John Miller has had a fantastic sophomore season.…/watch-story-bills-ol-jo…

–“Liars, damn liars and statistics,” as Mark Twain would say but look at Tyrod Taylor, 12th in ESPN quarterback rating. In traditional passer rating he’s about 20th. Keep him.

–Time to fire Bylsma. He’s as bad as Ron Rolston. Is this a tank season? Can they still call up Matt Ellis? Where’s Zenon Konopka? Matt D’Agostini, anyone? How about Kevin Porter?


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