A short take on today’s news


–Looking for something fun to do this morning? Why not visit Eastern Hills Mall at 11:30 a.m. You can see the Akron Marching Santas and stop at the Cheesy Chick for lunch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leQK7i4wUR0&feature=youtu.be

–Examining a nuclear plan on Cape Cod, one quoted source says “it makes the Simpson’s look like a documentary, not a cartoon.” Read on. Be scared. http://www.gatehouseprojects.com/pro…/nuclearpower/chapter/2

–Somewhere out there in the criminal justice system, the case against Russ Rus Thompson languishes. Matt Ricchiazzi of Artvoice here lays out, in speculative terms, why Thompson was only a little pregnant and should have his case dismissed. We never actually learn the current status. I write this as someone who actually like Thompson. He voted. He should not have. The case is political. http://niagarafallsreporter.com/thompson-case-may-dismisse…/

–Facebook has announced a screening and reporting process for fake news. You will have a chance to identify a shared link as suspect and submit it for analysis. The question for me is how will Conservatives get their conspiracy theories? http://newsroom.fb.com/…/news-feed-fyi-addressing-hoaxes-a…/

–A cheese festival in London ended in a gooey meltdown as vegan protesters milked it for all it was worth, churning up a confrontation in their defense of cows, a real case of bovine bickering. http://www.mirror.co.uk/…/posh-cheese-festival-descends-cha…

–Everybody has a story, and we all touch people in our own way. Christina Abt spent a year confirming that. I am pretty sure, since I shared the entire thing, she knew that to start with and feels better about it today. http://christinaabt.com/64-and-more-vol-47-3-telling-the-s…/

–Devry (ITT) has agreed to spend $100 million to refund students and offer debt relief because of deceptive recruiting practices. http://money.cnn.com/…/…/college/devry-settlement/index.html

–Truth from fiction: Economic reality from blowing up the Death Star would have caused a vicious depression unseen in the history of the fictional universe. http://www.cbc.ca/…/star-wars-economy-peter-armstrong-1.389…

–The biggest diamonds come from the deepest places and were formed in a n oxygen deprived environment. Microscopic inclusions include garnet and methane. http://www.npr.org/…/big-diamonds-bring-scientists-a-messag…

–As we think about Rex Ryan’s future, consider for a moment this Eagles game from 1986 when Buddy Ryan called a punt by Randall Cunningham on 2nd and 35. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO2ILLMWEKs

–Bills. Browns. $6. Stubhub. Wanna go? https://www.stubhub.com/buffalo-bills-tickets-buffalo-b…/…/…

–Gee, I guess Bill Hoppe noticed Brian Gionta is on a 20-goal pace too. The oldest Sabre to score 20 in a season? Don Marshall in 1970-71. I don’t remember. http://www.buffalohockeybeat.com/sabres-captain-brian-gion…/

–Devin Dediomete is 28. He’s fought at every level of hockey but the NHL. He now makes a living in Europe, but he’s worried about brain injury from all those punches to the head. http://www.lfpress.com/…/after-more-than-200-fights-on-the-…

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