Barnhart to decide on Rochester mayoral run by February

Former Rochester TV reporter and anchor Rachel Barnhart broke the news herself on Twitter earlier this week: She’s exploring a run for mayor next year.

That’s about all she’s saying right now. When I reached out to Barnhart for more details, she sent me the same statement she had already posted on social media.

“I’m a lifelong city resident and graduate of city schools and I built my career around covering issues in the city that are important to residents,” she said. “Our city is struggling with poverty and a lack of economic opportunity. There are problems we need to solve. Right now, they’re not being adequately addressed.”

Barnhart did tell me she plans to make a decision by February, and said whether or not incumbent Democratic Mayor Lovely Warren seeks re-election will not impact her own calculus.

This past fall, Barnhart entered the political arena as a candidate for the first time, unsuccessfully challenging three-term incumbent Assemblyman Harry Bronson in a Democratic primary. Bronson not only held on in a close race, but went on to win the November general election, too.

Throughout the campaign, Barnhart expressed disappointment about the treatment she received both from Bronson supporters and the media. Post-election, she wrote and published a book called “Broad,Casted” about her campaign and the sexism she said she faced as a female candidate.

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