Stocker slams Jacobs fundraiser, party bosses

Republican State Senate candidate and Kenmore attorney Kevin Stocker is slamming primary challenger Chris Jacobs for his fundraising behavior and close ties to party bosses in Albany. On Facebook, Stocker shared an invitation to a pricy fundraising event that lists a host committee that lists a Whose Who of influential scions in the business community.

Stocker includes a scathing commentary not typically seen from a Senate candidate, which may mark a departure from the well mannered (perhaps even tepid) rhetoric that has characterized his past campaigns for the 60th district seat:

Another example of government being for sale. When elected officials, who are millionaires, use their elected position to raise obscene amounts of money from those that do business and make money off the government/taxpayers. This is why corruption is the number one issue in our government and judiciary. Financial donations ($500-$2,000) arranged by the corrupt Albany Party Bosses for their hand picked candidate, Christopher Jacobs, lends its self to a government being for sale that is controlled by wealthy special interest groups. It is this type of corruption that betrays the hard working families of WNY. Corruption in government, and the Corrupt Party Bosses that control our government, is the number 1 issue in this race for NYS Senate’s 60th District.

Both candidates are well known and well liked in the district.


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