Ambitious picture of Pridgen, or did he not go far enough?


Buffalo Councilman and Pastor of the True Bethel Baptist Church, Reverend Darius G. Pridgen has evidently created and had posted on Facebook a photo-shopped, Mount Rushmore-esque image where he appears alongside Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Barrack Obama.

Is this image laughable egotism, or is Rev. Pridgen one of the great black leaders destined to be enshrined in the hearts and minds of those who cherish freedom and racial justice?

While Rev. Pridgen compared himself to notable modern leaders, some, having seen the Facebook picture, have said, “He don’t think much too of himself, does he?” Another asked the question: “Did he go far enough?”

Should the Buffalo leader create another image of himself, perhaps walking along the hallowed corridors of heaven, toward the hall reserved for saints and prophets, a short and select gathering: Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Elijah, David, Solomon, perhaps John The Baptist and, of course, Rev. Darius Pridgen?

What do you think?


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