Evander Kane has a really hot girlfriend

Buffalo Sabers player Evander Kane is being accused of rape in an incident that allegedly occurred last Sunday at the Harbor Center hotel room where he lives. Kane is a well liked public figure know for his charitable work in the community, and the accusations are falling unbelieving ears.

At age 24, Kane is a successful athlete with a girlfriend who is jaw dropping. Details about the incident are not being shared publicly, but its widely understood that law enforcement officials suspect that the allegations lack credibility.

Take a look at Kane’s Instagram pictures, and one is quick to note that you can’t rape the willing. And by all accounts, Kane is a straight laced and disciplined athlete of strong personal character.

In light of the wrongfully accused Patrick Kane incident, it’s hard not to feel sorry for these young guys whose success, notoriety, and copious sex appeal make them vulnerable to the unscrupulous.

Kane’s girlfriend is a professional model.








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