Candelario seen with housing executive

Modesto Candelario is the Assistant Director of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority and has been seen socializing after-hours with Kim Stevens, the executive who runs Bridges Development. They were having dinner and drinks at a trendy Allentown nightclub named CoCo’s.

Bridges Development is a private entity that has been taking ownership of major public housing complexes, including AD Price Courts and the Commodore Perry Projects.

The organizational structure is designed to shield public housing operations from federal, state, and municipal scrutiny by spinning properties off into private entities ostensibly controlled by senior housing authority administrators and commissioners.

The propriety of that arrangement is starting to raise questions with federal officials at the local field office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. At a recent meeting between BMHA and HUD officials, Stevens attended. Federal officials were confused why.

A source says that, at the same meeting, BMHA Executive Director Dawn Sanders-Garrett arrived 30 minutes late. Upon her arrival, Stevens was quick to get up and prepare her coffee.

Candelario and Stevens are close.

Stevens once worked as a paralegal for Adam Perry, the politically connected attorney who is close to Mayor Byron Brown, who has enjoyed shockingly lucrative contracts for legal work from the housing authority.


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