Tea Party leader calls for US Attorney Hochul to step down

Rus Thompson is a conservative Democrat and WBEN radio personality who is widely thought to be considering a run for State Assembly next year.

Rus Thompson, the outspoken Tea Party leader,founder of TEA NY (Taxed Enough Already), and Grand Island businessman, is calling for US Attorney William Hochul to step down from his role as the region’s top federal prosecutor. Over the last several months, stunning and obvious conflicts of interest have rocked his office’s credibility.

“I think it’s time for Bill Hochul to step down. He has way to many conflicts with his wife Kathy being LT Governor,” writes Thompson. “Preet is on a roll, we need this guy here in Buffalo more than ever.”

Hochul has been criticized for not pursuing public corruption cases. Earlier this year he recused himself from the joint FBI and State Attorney General’s investigation of the high profile political operative G. Steven Pigeon, the figure who is thought to be the closest Cuomo confidant in Western New York.

Mr. Hochul declined to pursue racketeering charges against Local 210, the infamous labor group that had been accused of extortion and violence after the group made a $200,000 contribution to his wife’s congressional campaign. A series of articles by this publication last October exposed jaw dropping conflicts of interests, which were credited for the Cuomo-Hochul ticket’s poor performance in Western New York.


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