Despite misstep, Mascia pledges to be “an advocate and fighter for the people”

Housing Commissioner Joe Mascia, the Fillmore district candidate for Common Council, intends to be “an advocate and fighter for the people.” Despite the coordinated, deliberate, and long planned smear campaign executed over the last week, the Commissioner intends to win the Council seat.

In prepared remarks delivered at the Hispanic Veterans’ Memorial — a monument that he helped to build — Mascia reiterated his regret and apologies for the insensitive remarks that were recorded without his knowledge.

Mascia intends to use this unfortunate mistake to lead a conversation about race, class, opportunity, and justice. He dismissed recent criticisms and took a wide range of questions.

Mascia makes a campaign statement

Mascia takes questions from reporters

Mascia makes a final comment 


  1. the Big picture is race and Public Housing everyone needs a ht big real estate wants our homes and to push Low Income people around :
    Furthermore, an Urban Institute analysis found that for every 100 “extremely low-income” households in 2012, only 29 affordable rental units were available — a drop from 37 in 2000. Of the affordable units that are available, most involve federal housing assistance such as Section 8 vouchers, the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program and government-owned public housing.Background history
    The term “gentrification” often arises in conversations about urban inequality and the increased cost of rental housing. Sociologist Ruth Glass coined the term in 1964, defining it as a process by which a neighborhood’s “original working-class occupiers are displaced” by influx of higher-income newcomers. More broadly, gentrification refers to a process of neighborhood change involving the migration of wealthier residents into poorer neighborhoods and increased economic investment.
    – See more at:

  2. Who else will ask the question how dummy Sanders squandered (stole) 13 million during her tenure with nothing to show for it. Or how she and equally dumb Candelario want to bust the union and grease the palms of contractors. And yes Christopher was one of them hmmmm.

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