Control board rejects BMHA financial plan, renewing threat of federal receivership

Hal Payne is among Mayor Brown's closest confidants. He was tasked with developing the BMHA's turnaround plan.

The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority’s 2016-2019 Financial Plan has been rejected by the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority. The Financial Plan had been architected by Hal Payne, the Buffalo State College administrator who is a close personal friend of Mayor Byron Brown, and approved by BMHA’s board of commissioners without full board review.

Rejection of the plan renews the prospect of federal receivership. Earlier this year, federal officials from the Department of Housing and Urban Development required that the agency take decisive action to fix longstanding mismanagement, or face a potential takeover of the agency’s 8,000 housing units.

The action by the BFSA is seen by obverses as a vindication of housing commissioner Joe Mascia, an outspoken critic of the agency’s administration and a fierce advocate for public housing tenants. The move comes as BMHA administrators and political operative Joel Giambra target Mascia for political retribution.

Mascia was unknowingly recorded earlier this year in an apparent set up with Paul Christopher, who prodded Mascia to use a racial slur against African Americans. Mascia has apologized profusely since the recording surfaced late last week.

The employment contract of Dawn Sanders-Garrett has not been renewed in the aftermath of a scathing evaluation from HUD officials. Insiders at the authority expect her to “phase out” of her role as Executive Director of the agency over the next several months, though no public announcements have been made regarding a leadership transition.


  1. What is truly curious is that NONE of the media outlets .. from TW to any local TV stations to the only paper in town.. are covering this story . does the Mayor own them all?

  2. . Dawn Sanders-Garrett, the Executive Director, has been Micro-managed by Mayor Brown for years then its REV.. Pridgen and State law maker,C. Peoples who gets her friends hired, what you have left is a bunch of unqualified and over paid Floor sweepers who are working in management positions and no loyalty to Public Housing at all : look at who’s in next of line From Garrett a man with only a GED- C.Medesto and then its V. Solamen who along with City Council-man,David A. Rivera. These People want , Garrett to go .(..why To have a field day in free Public Housing land and putting people out on the streets and to dip into Federal Housing funds and contracts); U want recevership and Personnel changes , with more Education, and someone Ms. Garrett, can trust ;

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