Winnie Fisher refuses to meet with prospective candidates

Alden Democrat Chair Winnie Fisher, who ran unsuccessfully for county legislature in 2013, is now causing some her party stalwarts concern for not interviewing prospective candidates for public office. A longtime Democrat committee member writes:

…meanwhile out in Alden country Democratic Chair Wynnie Fisher refused to meet with anyone or endorse anyone to run for office in her town because one of her sheep was dying.. Mark Castle former longtime employee of the large international Ecology & Environment and currently working for well known Seimans wanted to run for town Supervisor for the Town of Alden. After a month of trying to reach Fisher he finally gets a call last week saying she cant meet with him for at least two more weeks because her sheep is dying …

During her campaign for county legislature, Fisher was a target of mailers that characterized a dispute between Fisher and her neighbor. She was characterized as gun totting and irritable by the PAC associated with G. Steven Pigeon, now under investigation.

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