Cheektowaga Highway Superintendent Mark Wegner is cleared of Frank Max allegations by AG’s office

The Town of Cheektowaga learned that the New York Attorney General’s Office dismissed the investigation that was forwarded by the Town Council in February regarding allegations of improprieties relating Highway Department operations and the use of time by employees.

The development is major win for Highway Superintendent Mark Wegner, who is running for reelection later this year. Many viewed the investigation as a witch hunt spearheaded by past Democratic Chairman Frank Max — due to the fact that Wegner won the Cheekowaga Democratic Chairmanship over Max this past September.

Supervisor Holtz and Deputy Supervisor Jerry Kaminski authorized expenditures of over $100,000 in taxpayer monies for the investigation. Many of the Town’s taxpayers are irate over such petty and politically motivated grandstanding.

“That money could have been better spent to lower the tax burden to the residents of Cheektowaga” one insider said. The Town of Cheektowaga is one of the most heavily taxed town’s in Erie County, in large part due to Frank Max, the former party chairman whose long held grip on the town’s patronage largess have been the subject of much scrutiny in recent years.


  1. You hit the nail on the head. Frank Max, even though retired, is STILL a major problem in this town.

  2. Holtz and Kaminski should have spent some of that money on the real problems in Cheektowaga like Holtz recently being let go for DWI in her Town car and Kaminski’s company getting Town bids! These two are the best example of why politicians are the worst criminals that use our taxpayer money to fund their dirty deeds.

  3. Interesting. It’s funny how we are selective about who misappropriate’s funds and services in Cheektowaga. I don’t care who is doing it, I care that it’s done, and that many of you overlook wrong doing, if it’s your guy(or woman). You all have participated in the marginalization of your minority community, turning a blind eye to what you should have been outraged about for the last 40 year’s. Extremely unique to any other town in the country, that is located proximal to an inner city. I would be more outraged on the lack of opportunity for minority people in Cheektowaga. We can pay our taxes and or rent property, but not receive employment in any town department. There is not one minority department head in Cheektowaga NY, and many have the nerve to complain about something that many likely participated in for years. Now everyone wants to cry foul, but those that actually should don’t. We just talk the BS.
    Say goodbye to “the way we do things around here.”
    Frank Max is not your problem at this point, nor your threat. You all focus on each other, but I don’t think you all realize what is happening in your town. You are too preoccupied and unfocused. Pay attention, because you can never take west Cheektowaga again. While you all were fighting, we were organizing.
    Katrinna Martin, Cheektowaga zone 10 chair.
    P.S. Now all of you need to humble yourselves and get back to the business of what is best for Cheektowaga NY.
    Please stop acting like republicans.

  4. Katrinna, Who have you supported all these years for the marginalization of the minority community? FRANK MAX!!!! Max was in charge of these patronage jobs and not one minority was hired under his reign. Did you ever confront him about this? In fact, it was not until Mark Wegner became Democratic Chairman this past September when he appointed the first black resident to the Zoning Board – Mr. Ken Young. Where have all the minority residents been when it came time to attend town board and taxpayer meetings; get petitions signed for candidates; do lit drops; hand out literature at polling places and run for democratic committeemen? You decided to get involved with this fight now in 2015, but you need to take some responsibility for this problem. Where were you the past 40 years?

    • Susan, I was waiting to be born 40 years ago.
      Please check the petitions ran since last year. It is likely that me and my husband carried more petitions than most that participated. We dropped over 1k pieces of literature in Cheektowaga alone, not including the city. Most others were paid to petition, we did so for free.
      What responsibility would you like me to take for the actions of others? And I believe I just clearly stated we are taking action, guess you missed that. And yes I have confronted the racial inequality.
      Now I don’t see how an attack on me is going to help you, but carry on and do what you do. I’m surprised you’re offended and I’m surprised that you respond with such sarcasm. I actually made a neutral statement, but it is you that decided to get personal. I didn’t call out anyone, I made a general statement, how you take it is your choice.
      If I wanted to write a counter story in this newspaper I would, I have editing access to this paper, so do your research before I change my mind. I have left everyone alone, but we can change that if you like. It’s up to you. Please don’t make me prove myself.

  5. One has got to wonder how much money did Kaminski , Holtz and Rogowski spend on investigating max on his theft of service and falsifying a record? My guess would be zero.

    Maybe taxpayers should demand the Council pay the investigation back to the taxpayers. Had breakfast this morning and while speaking of the 3 everyone stated they would never vote again for them and will advise others to do same

    • Number one, I have not supported Frank Max or any other political faction. I’m a true progressive independent democrat. I met Frank Max about a year ago, at the annual brunch(running a campaign against the incumbent he supposed). I moved to Cheektowaga in 2011, from West Seneca, previous to that, Buffalo.
      I have voted every election and primary since I was old enough to vote(missed a few primaries due to working out of town).
      I simply have a passion for social and political issues, and I wanted to get involved. I was introduced to Frank Max, because he was the Cheektowaga democratic party leader(logic people). I wanted to run for a committee seat, so he made it happen. I had no prior knowledge of the Cheektowaga political faction rivalry.
      You are correct, minorities are not involved in enough community activities. That’s called disenfranchised and not knowing how to fit into your community to represent your interests. That’s why it is important that people are invited and engaged. That’s what a committee member is supposed to do(well that’s what I thought).
      Have I ever told Frank how I feel? Lol, please get to know me:), you better believe I did. I also told councilman Rogowski too. I’m just regular folk, trying to do the right thing. I never made any deals or promises on how I will vote/endorse. I am politically savvy enough to make my own decisions. I will represent the interests of the people of my election district and zone, even if I don’t like it, because that’s what a committee person is supposed to do.
      I’m more interested in Cheektowagas inaction related to the Buffalo Billions. Some of that money belongs to the people of Cheektowaga, and rather than address such inequality, we mud sling and waste time. See I don’t feel that the factions are the “boss”, I know we are the “boss.” The people of Cheektowaga, the regular folks in Cheektowaga have all the power that they need to bring about real change.
      So ask yourself one thing. What does any of this nonsense have to do with the betterment of Cheektowaga and our future as a diverse rapidly growing community?
      I don’t know who got Kenny his position, just know and understand that I am not trying to get one. Nor am I trying to get anyone else a position. My work is in the private sector, so I have no vested interest in manipulation or dishonesty.
      I never stated one word on how I feel about the current or former Cheektowaga democratic chairman.
      Thank you.

    • The community leaders should be listening to the people, not the factions, the people. Our committee members need to organize their respected community/district. The leadership should submit to the people. Any leader not complying is our problem to solve.

  6. Are people in this town just now waking up to political patronage and the good old boy hiring system? My question to the board and the Supervisor is are you receiving the same payoffs from Benderson that your predecessors got from Pyramid Corp? It seems like when a private entity wants to build or when others like drug stores and drive-thru restaurants denials are given because of traffic problems or zoning laws. Then when properties like this sit vacant Benderson comes along and soon another mini strip mall is built. I’m 65 yrs. old and a lifetime resident of Cheektowaga so I may not see it happen but a name change to Bendersonville may soon be in store for this town. Why are our schools suffering from lack of tax money when with the Galleria Mall, probably one of the top ten most expensive properties and all Benderson’s builds that you read stories like 1.2 million dollar strip mall built by them yet our town school systems suffer from lack of tax assessments to cover paying for our kids education and must keep raising taxes on working people. What kind of breaks have these entities been given? Now you attack someone who really tries to help the people of this town, shame, shame, shame.

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