NY Post reports that Sen. Young (R-Olean) could replace Dean Skelos

The New York Posts’ longtime Albany bureau chief Fred Dicker is reporting that Republican Senator Catherine Young, of Olean, is rumored to be Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ successor. Skelos considering stepping aside, ahead of a public corruption probe launched by US Attorney Preet Bharara, downstate media has reported.

“Rumors persist that Skelos won’t be Republican leader for much longer and is eyeing retirement at the end of next year.

Sen. Catharine Young of Olean, who heads the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, is being whispered about as his likely successor.”

– Fredric Dicker, The New York Post

Albany insiders say that Skelos sees the writing on the wall and is looking for an exit strategy in hopes that he can orchestrate a relatively soft landing, so to speak. Operatives insist that the GOP needs to distance itself from recent corruption scandals; placate a dissatisfied and disaffected upstate base of support; and diversify the three men in a room that govern the State.

The political power that comes with the Senate Majority Leader’s post can yield substantive achievements for the Western New York region, ranging from development funding, to infrastructure investment, to advancing a variety of regional economic interests.

You can read the full article here.


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