Support of partial birth abortion could become issue for Panepinto

Panepinto hides behind propaganda phrase “Choice” to make the case for cruel life ending murder

By: Mike Madigan

Senator Marc Panepinto (NY 60th Senate District) makes no bones about the fact that he has a serious departure with the Catholic Church and does not shy away from the fact.

Panepinto believes that the Catholic Church is denying the rights of woman by opposing the live cervical dislocation (essentially decapitation) of infants during the birthing process in or at the end of their ninth month of pregnancy – a practice referred to as partial birth abortion.

Panepinto proudly defends this “right to choose” and is committed to leading the charge to pass Governor Cuomo’s “Tenth Point” of his proposed Women’s Equality Act, which would legalize such extreme and inhumane procedures in NY State.

In the coming months Panepinto is expected to promote his support of abortion rights, say political operatives. They expect that the Cuomo Administration will rekindle the issue as he seeks passage of his “women’s equality” themed legislation.


  1. This man is no friend to women or children.He shows absolute ignorance of what partial birth abortion actually is and demonstrates no empathy for humanity. He appears to be kissing up to the Governor for political gain. What could be any other possible motivation for such a heinous position?

  2. How dare you say that he has no empathy here as the father of three daughters. I think he and the vast majority
    of his constituency feel that the choice should be left up to them as opposed to the church or the state.

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