Larry Quinn refuses to let BPS teacher speak at public meeting

Buffalo School Board member and high-profile area businessman Larry Quinn is coming under intense criticism across the political spectrum for his behavior a at public meeting held on February 4, 2015.

As Kevin Gibson, a Buffalo teacher, prepares to speak to the Board, Quinn interjects and refuses to allow it because of Gibson’s membership in the teachers’ union.

“I have one comment, and the one question,” Gibson said softly before being interrupted by Quinn.

“Identify yourself,” Quinn interrupted.

“I’m Kevin Gibson, a Buffalo teacher,” he responded.

“This is not a BTF meeting,” Quinn said, as he waived to the security guard at the back of the room.

Gibson was escorted out of the room by a security guard, as Quinn’s fellow Board members sat in momentary shock. Theresa Harris-Tigg got up to leave the Board meeting, clearly upset.

“Why can’t he speak? This is a public meeting,” Dr. Barbara Nevergold, the former Board President, asserted several times to no response. Quinn’s political allies on the Board were silent:

Quinn’s behavior comes after an intensely divisive and racially charged satirical flier was distributed at the previous Board meeting.

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  1. Throw Quinn out. If it’s a public meeting everyone can come . Quinn does not make that board look very good.

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