Brady vs. Lynch – Unequal NFL enforcement goes unquestioned!

By: Mike Madigan

Marshawn Lynch grabs his crotch after a touchdown and he is immediately fined $11,050, Lynch does not speak at a couple press conferences and he is immediately fined $50,000 each time, Lynch wears a Beast Mode hat and you can bet the NFL will rapidly fine him again.

There was no harm to the integrity of the sport or any game as a result of Lynch’s actions but there was a swift consequence.

Tom Brady allegedly engineered a scheme that may have dramatically changed the performance of his team and the team statistics supports this accusation. His alleged actions put into question whether he and his team even belong in the Super Bowl and possibly even whether they earned a place in the playoff games.

Unlikely sources such as Boston papers are not denying the strong statistical evidence that shows a serious problem that should have been detected long ago. The New England Team fumbles statistics strongly suggest there is a problem that oddly has gone undetected for years:

To quote “If Deflategate produced anything of value besides ball jokes and SNL skits, it’s this: during the past five years the Patriots have fumbled at a nearly impossibly low rate, according to football data analyst Warren Sharp. Since 2010, their average plays per fumble lost are 187, compared to the league average of 105. And no one else comes even close.”

The NFL appears to be picking favorites and it is risking its credibility in the process. The lack of equal enforcement demands questions that must be asked by sports reporters – Oddly they have fallen silent (did the NFL demand silence?). Continued lack of consequence will raise some very uncomfortable questions that demand answers.

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