Pro-Second Amendment voters send clear message to Governor Cuomo

By: Mike Madigan

Cuomo’s stated primary objective going into the general election since 2010 has been winning in Western New York and more recently gaining control of the New York State senate.  These victories would have provided Cuomo the foundation from which he planned to launch his presidential campaign. Cuomo lost on both fronts.

Cuomo lost seven of eight Western New York counties and lost the region as a whole with Rob Astorino receiving 52 percent of the vote in the eight counties of Western New York.

Similarly Cuomo did not gain Democrat control of the New York Senate losing four of the five seats considered in play to the Republican Party handing Republicans full control of the senate. Republican control previously required support from the Independent Democrat Caucus.

Compounding the New York senate loss for Cuomo was that he not only lost four of the five contested seats to Republicans,  the fifth seat was held by Cuomo’s Pro-SAFE Act Republican Mark Grisanti. Cuomo essentially endorsed Grisanti – the SAFE Act is considered the signature legislation of the Cuomo Administration.

The defeat of Republican turned Independence candidate Mark Grisanti was in fact a victory for the pro-second amendment groups in the district and a repudiation of Cuomo’s signature legislation.

Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives defeated incumbent Mark Grisanti primarily based on his vote for the Cuomo SAFE Act. The Republican candidate that challenged Independence candidate Mark Grisanti rejected embracing conservative principles and values alienating many pro-second amendment voters and leading to his defeat.

New York is the frontline of the fight to defend our U.S. Constitution and our god given rights – the defense of which crosses all party lines. The 2014 General election was a solid victory for Conservatives on all fronts that were realistically within reach. These victories sent Governor Cuomo the clear message that we Conservatives are still here in NY and can’t be ignored.


  1. It’s bad enough that our little Hitler Cuomo got re-elected at all. The Free Stuff Army and pro-nanny-staters in the City and Long Island will always ensure that the hard-working freedom-loving people of this state are out-numbered by those with their hands out and expectations of gov’t taking care of their every need from birth to death
    It really is beyond the time to split the state in two and let NYC sink or swim on its own.

    I’m one of those conservatives that Andy said aren’t real NYers, despite my family having been in this state a century longer than his.

    When I retire I will be leaving this state. Not because of the economy, but because this state is run by corrupt liberals whose only real mission in life is to strip NYers of their Constitutional rights and freedoms while burdening us with ever more taxes and regulations.

    Cuomo can’t catch ebola quick enough in my opinion.

  2. Somebody call this guy a Waaaaaa-mbulance. When the state is split in two and the upstate region doesn’t have enough money to maintain its own infrastructure, where will they turn? To the federal government, looking for a handout to help make up for all the money they lost that came from the down state people you so gloriously dismiss as non-hardworking and only looking for a handout.

    You’re a prime example of a loud voice, backed up by weak excuses. I delight in your leaving the state. My family has been in NYS since before it was admitted into the union, and will be here long after I am gone. You don’t run when things get tough, you stand up for what you believe in and stand your ground.

    You’re a coward. Good riddance.

  3. I couldn’t agree more Ben! I’m so tired of NYC and its liberals dictating what is best for this state. I think that the polls show upstate is tired of this. Let them sink down there.

  4. Most leave this state when they retire. Businesses can’t run out of here fast enough.
    Larger cities want a handouts and that is just a simple fact.
    People in rural areas work hard for what they have and are forgotten about.

    The NYS laws are passed for people living in cities because that is where most live of course.
    We are divided because we live different lives.

  5. Yeah, we sent a message loud and clear alright. That message from republicans was WE LIKE IT UP THE ARSE, MORE PLEASE ………………

  6. Upstate will have all the money it needs by charging NYC a fair price for housing its criminals and garbage. NYC’s chief export to upstate isn’t money, it’s criminals in our prisons and garbage in our landfills.

  7. Upstate will have all the money it needs because NYC exports criminals to our prisons and garbage to our landfills enough that, if paid for fairly, there would be enough money to pay for the infrastructure.

  8. Because of the un-safe act Cuomo declared me a criminal. So be it. Everything that comes out of his mouth now falls on deaf ears.

  9. Cuomo is a gun hating hypocrite surrounded by gun carrying body guards. He sees his life as more valuable than the people he is here to serve, telling them they only need a certain number of bullets to protect themselves and their families, while he uses our tax dollars to protect himself the way he sees fit. He’s everything that’s wrong with government, making rules for others and then living by another standard.

  10. Why do those of us who have lawfully exercised their 2nd Amendment right still listen to those who have not? How, exactly, will the willfully disarmed force us to comply if the proverbial push comes to shove? To paraphrase an internet saying often wrongfully ascribed to Jefferson “The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is that it isn’t needed until someone tries to take it from you”.

    Enough. There will be no compliance with blatantly unconstitutional edicts.

  11. Andy is too narrow minded (not a liberal thinker) to think that his policies were responsible for the failure, or that S.A.F.E. caused the defeats he experienced in upstate. It would take an intelligent person to admit they were wrong, and dial back on his anti-gun rhetoric. He is a consummate leftist, and nothing can appease his ego. That he won gives him an ivory tower view, but it is a short sighted view. He can see as far as NYC, but he can’t see Shcenectady, let alone western NY, or the southerntier, from his vantage point. Myopia always causes downfall. It would be really hilarious if DemocRATs abandoned the party to vote with the Republicans on the issue of repeal of his gun control initiative, but I am not hopeful that most elected DimwitcRATicks aren’t, also, consummate leftists (anti-American, and U.N.-American. They lean socialist, communist, NAZI, and have no business in American politics. They should long ago have been turned out, but McCarthy was excoriated, even tho’, he was correct in his assumptions that the left was trying to undermine our Constitution, our way of life. Funny thing is that these same consummate leftists use the system at hand, American capitalism, to make the money needed to press forward with their agenda. Either the majority of the Democrat voters are ignorant, dupes, or simply retarded, I do not know. I know many I talk to have the talking points down pat, but think for themselves? That’s another matter entirely.

  12. I happen to live in NYC and you can’t lump all of us together. I have also been declared a criminal by this fool and I have no intentions of changing that. It is unfortunate that many people here vote along the party lines because they don’t know or care. In fact when I went to vote, the woman told me I could only vote straight down the line or the machine wouldn’t read it. I took my chances and voted R for governor. Guess what? The machine read my vote just fine

  13. There’s approximately 6 million gun owners in NY and roughly 4 million total people voted. I see a problem. Same problem as with the election 4 years ago. Who are these unmotivated bubba-fudds? Democracy is dead in NY thanks to unmotivated voters, the election was ours to lose and we proved it. There is a massive cultural difference between NYC and the rest of the state. NY needs to divide to accommodate this diversity.

  14. Lil Andy Boy took it on the chin! The writing on the wall is he is all but WASHED UP and it will take begging on his knees and ‘MORE’ to get him on a ticket with national implications the Liberal King Makers took note that Most of NY HATES the Little Prick!

  15. With any luck, Andrew has committed self suicide by terminating the Moreland committee when the stink got headed his way. Shelly is gone but the new target is a developer named Witland who gave Andrew almost $1,000,000 for his campaign in return he received reduced tax benefits from Cuomo. Next maybe the new Assembly Speaker, Carl Haestie who used his NYState charge card to spend 10s of thousands on personnel purchases without any accountability of what he bought . Mr. Maziars is in a similar predicament in his expenses & potential kickbacks but he has already ordered all those records to be burned. Now we have a suspicious waterfront warehouse fire a week ago that destroyed past records & files on the activities of our state representatives.Stay tuned for more surprises. Andrew is getting the shakes its that close to home.

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