Attacks on Stocker designed for Pro-SAFE Act Grisanti win

By: Mike Madigan

In the closing days of the NY 60th Senate race a two-pronged advertisement campaign by Mark Grisanti and Tim Gallagher attacking Kevin Stocker stating he is not a conservative has been highly effective.

Candidate Kevin Stoker has been rumored to be up in the polls with Mark Grisanti close on his heels and Marc Panepinto pulling a distant third and losing ground.

Gallagher is a name that until now had not been heard from in this race. Gallagher, the Conservative party candidate and designated spoiler, had not campaigned, debated, raised funds or showed any interest in this race until this week.

There is strong evidence, based on his complete lack of effort and engagement in this race, that Gallagher is not running to win and that his advertisements are designed to siphon votes in support of one of the other candidates.

Pro-SAFE Act Mark Grisanti has been running attack ads against Kevin Stocker stating Stocker is not a Conservative in an apparent effort to drive votes away from Stocker onto the Conservative line. Polling data apparently suggests Stocker is Grisanti’s greatest threat and these ads are designed to siphon votes away from Stocker.

In the final days of the election Tim Gallagher has suddenly surfaced serving as a spoiler by running ads that support Mark Grisanti’s efforts staking a strong claim to conservative values by reading a compelling list of conservative positions on issues that he claims to hold but has not been willing to present in debates or public forums where these values can be verified.

Gallagher is not a viable candidate due to lack of engagement and interest in this race prior to five days before this election. Stocker is bleeding votes and these attacks are highly effective. Mark Grisanti was being soundly beat in this race prior to Gallagher’s support.

The NY 60th Senate race has had many twists and turns. Today is Election Day and all bets are off as Stocker fumbled the ball several times and he is now at the bottom of the pile hoping to recover.

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