Higgins disengaged – Weppner passionately engaged

Career politician Brian Higgins is seeking a 6th term in congress against candidate Kathy Weppner and is taking for granted the inner city vote that has put him over the top each election.

Kathy Weppner has passionately engaged her future constituents. Weppner has been passionately focused on her district and the long term chronic underperformance that has created some of the highest population losses, poverty and violent crime rates and slowest job growth in the entire United States.

Out of 435 Congressional districts – district 26 is one of the worst performing districts in almost every category. Is this the kind of results Buffalo settles for?

The arrogant and non-existant Brian Higgins assumes an automatic vote from the inner city that has been hit the hardest by chronic failure.

Higgins has almost completely sat this election out. Higgins supporters claim Weppner’s concerns are like “shouting the sky is falling” (Jerry Zremski Buffalo News).

Higgins and the Buffalo News designated Higgins defender Zremski both clearly are unaware and unconcerned with Buffalo’s inner city where the sky is in fact falling if you were walking in their shoes. Consider the following facts:

Buffalo is:

  • Ranked dead last in minority employment with Fewer than 44% of the area’s working-age black males ages 16 to 64 employed
  • Rated one of the most impoverished in the U.S. with 1 in 3 living in poverty
  • Rated the 11th most violent in the U.S.
  • Rated the most segregated in the U.S
  • The worst rated public schools
  • Ranked 3rd lowest amongst large cities for median income –median income rate is $27,850
  • Ranked second on the list of American cities with the most vacant properties

Is Brian Higgin’s arrogant disengagement warranted? Is his performance so great that it warrants him sitting out this election automatically assuming and taking for granted victory as the inner city vote once again puts him over the top.

This Tuesday we will find out if the passionately engaged and concerned Kathy Weppner’ s efforts were futile and whether Higgins assumption of an automatic vote in Buffalo was correct.


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