Democrats’ stealth Assembly campaign could oust Ray Walter

First elected in 2011, Assemblaman Raymond Walter is in a surprisingly competitive race for reelection against a little known 22-year old political science grad, Stephen Meyer, a graduate of Williamsville East High School and American University.

Meyer has been executing a stealth, below-the-radar campaign to unseat Walter. His mailer-heavy campaign and widedly distributed law signs, emphasize his lack of political background as a strength — implying that he is uncorrupted.

The local Republican party is so worried that the young political newcommer might unseat Walter, that Chairman Nick Langworthy himself can be heard on WBEN News Radio approving of attack ads against the 22-year old. The local GOP was not expecting to spend money on a media buy in defense of Walter until very late in the cycle.

Meyer has been keeping a low profile and staying out of the media, in a seemingly astute strategic posture that has raised eyebrows among polical operatives.

I’m told that this race has entered “toss-up” territory and could represent one shocking bright spot for local Democrats who have been largely demoralized by recent state corruption scandals.

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