Grisanti and Panepinto have deceived District 60 constituents

In 2010 and 2012 Mark Grisanti  committed to his constituents to vote a particular way on major issues within his party. Grisanti featured these commitments as primary reasons to vote for him. In both elections these commitments were broke and many of his constituents believe Grisanti flat out lied to them to gain their support.

The consequence of these lies was loss of support from his party. It is almost unprecedented to not have support from your own party when you are a sitting NYS Senator. You have to be a truly despicable character to win this distinction and Grisanti is that despicable. Just one example is the letter below where Grisanti committed to vote against the NY unSAFE Act – the same act that he not only voted for but defends on a regular basis – the letter below is shocking when you then realize that this same person (Grisanti) voted for this legislation.

Specialist Burnham,

Senator Grisanti received your email and asked me to get back to you,
first let me thank you for your service. I can tell you that Senator
Grisanti does not support S. 1422 and views this bill as misguided and a
knee jerk reaction to a horrible tragedy. New York State already has one
of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. We are keenly aware that
this legislation would have a devastating impact on millions of lawful gun
owners in New York and be a clear violation of the Second Amendment.

Again, thank you for writing Senator Grisanti and please feel free to
reach out on anytime on this or any other issue you see fit.


Joe Erdman
Legislative Director

Panepinto took his fraudulent activities several steps further by breaking laws and being convicted and having his law license suspended. Reports suggests that this bad behavior ended in 2001 but the truth is this behavior was again repeated in 2006. In 2006 Panepinto was caught committing fraud against district 60 constituents as part of a organized attack against Joe Golombek. Panepinto illegally ran for five separate election district committeeman seats – when Glombek detected the fraud he held a press conference and Panepinto immediately withdrew his fraudulent candidacies in hopes that he would not be prosecuted and sadly he was not.

Former Prosecutor Kevin Stocker is the candidate in the 60th who will seek to clean-out the fraud and corruption and is the only candidate you can trust..

As you hear attacks from Grisanti and Panepinto consider the source. When Grisanti once again commits to vote a particular way recall his despicable track record that alienated him from his party in an unprecedented breach and when Panepinto tries to white wash his 2001 conviction recall he is not being honest when he claims he has not repeated that behavior Рthe fact is he did in 2006.

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