Cuomo congratulates his Ebola containment team as gross negligence revealed

Ebola Doctor ignored quarantine precautions and exposed thousands to Ebola

By: Mike Madigan

At a press conference Thursday complete with name tags, decorated tables and a lot of backslapping and congratulations by Cuomo for his Ebola containment team it was revealed that the U.S. Government, the NY Government and the Ebola infected doctor were grossly negligent by allowing this person to expose thousands in NY to possible infection by going to restaurants, bowling alleys, Using the A train, the L train and many other public places during a period where he should have been under mandatory and supervised quarantine.

We learned nothing from Dallas apparently in preventing public exposure.

Cuomo ignores the obvious as he claim that Ebola is hard to contract seemingly suggesting that it is like AIDS and suggesting similar precautions should be used to prevent infection.

To date over 416 health professionals have contracted Ebola – health professionals who if this were AIDS likely would never have been infected.

This is not AIDS and it is time that the politicians accept this fact, set aside politics and take serious action to mitigate risk. Allowing an Ebola doctor to freely roam NY City immediately upon his return from Guinea treating deathly ill Ebola patients is an inexcusable failure. This is a failure at risk mitigation by all involved government agencies.

Cuomo’s failure to acknowledge the failure to properly quarantine this high risk doctor suggests incredible blindness and a leadership failure.

Cuomo’s Ebola policy is similar to allowing a defective plane model to continue to fly and to design rapid response teams to treat any survivors following a crash rather than grounding the plane model and preventing the crash from occurring.

The data and facts suggest extreme caution is required when dealing with Ebola and our Government must put in place risk mitigation protocols focused on protecting the public. Travel bans, quarantine of healthcare professionals returning from treating Ebola patients and other actions are minimally required.


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