The Chronicle, on a mission to democratize Buffalo

For too many years, The Buffalo News has been complicit in the dysfunction of our region’s economy. We have been a one newspaper town for decades – corrupted by financial interests that have little concern for our community, but who are intent on castrating our region’s political influence.

The Buffalo Chronicle is committed to telling you the stories that Warren Buffet and his political regime don’t want you to hear. With his ownership of The Buffalo News, Buffet controls New York State’s political establishment. Under normative circumstances, Western New York’s 53 year decline would wrought enormous political instability and would undermine the state’s entrenched colonial policies: extracting our region’s natural resource wealth; imposing high taxes without meaningful representation; and excessive regulations that keep us in chains.

Buffet and the propaganda pages of his Buffalo News are Western New York’s enemies number one and two, respectively. He is the oligarch whose behavior has doomed Buffalo for so long – he is the oligarch who has imposed enormous human suffering on Buffalonians, by virtue of his behavior.

Buffalo’s decline was exacerbated by policies of industrial restructuring, the vertical disintegration of industrial production, free trade, off-shoring, the collapse of American manufacturing, and the demonization of organized labor — which were all instigated by the behavior of Buffet and his class of billionaire investors who own and operate our politicians.

And therein lies our mission: to reclaim our region’s political influence by reigniting a genuine public discourse on the issues most critical to our city’s reemergence – and to undermine the professional propagandists at Buffet’s Buffalo News.

While the role of independent, community driven journalism has a profound democratizing effect on our politics and our public discourse – it will only exist with the support of inspired civic leadership, enlightened small businesses, and concerned philanthropists who know that Buffalo deserves much better.

At this inflection point in our city’s history, it is more important than ever that we prevent our overlords in Albany from making the same mistakes they’ve made decade after decade. That will only be accomplished with an unrelenting, unapologetic, unowned source of journalism that puts the interests and perspective of ordinary Buffalonians first.

In that spirit, I present to you, The Chronicle.

It is my sincere hope that you will join me in this mission, and that you will support our publication. Indeed, we can provide our sponsors, advertisers, and partners with enormous brand value — and we can help shape a favorable consciousness for your businesses, products, and services by articulating your narrative.


  1. This is really good news. Good to have another viewpoint and miss having another paper in the neighborhood. Look forward to your e-mails and news because it always presents a side we don’t hear. Tell it like it is. just get the facts out there and let us make up our own minds.

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