Check out the September Print Edition

Our initial print circulation is 20,000 households in North Buffalo, Parkside, the Delaware District, and parts of University Heights.

If you live in those neighborhoods, you can wait for a copy to be delivered at your doorstep very soon. Otherwise, you can read the print edition of our September primary issue here, on PDF:

Buffalo Chronicle – September – Primary Issue

It’s a great advertising demographic — so if you’re a small business looking to promote your brand to a hyper-local audience in these neighborhoods — please reach out to inquire about advertising in our coming issues.

The Buffalo Chronicle will be in print twice more before November’s general election.

Only independent community-driven journalism will tell you the stories that Warren Buffet’s Buffalo News — and his political cronies — don’t want you to hear.

This brand — and the platform that it provides to broaden the public discourse so that our city’s governance will emerge more robust — will only exist with the support of inspired business and civic leaders who see the profound value that independent media can have on our democracy.

If you are interested in supporting our mission, purchasing advertising, or using The Buffalo Chronicle as a platform for your own independent journalism — please contact me at 716-548*3371,